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Avanyah Shop @ Psytrance Festivals 2019

The Review

Alternativ Fashion & Festival Clothing @ Psytrance Festivals in 2019

∴  Avanyah @ Vina Rock / Vina Tekk Festival

02.05. – 04.05.2019

The Viña Rock Native Art Festival is a spanish festival, which is organized annually on the weekend prior to first of May.
It is a street festival that has been running since 1996 in Villarobledo, featuring live performances and a massive street market. The rock festival take place in huge but restricted area on one side of the street market. Opposite, on the other side of the main street, you will finde a wide camping area. The camping area is surrounded by innumerable sound systems where you can dance to every kind of music. Over 180,000 attendees each year.

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∴  Avanyah @ Transition Festival

14.05. – 21.05.2019

Transition Festival is a full moon open air trance shamanic experience in a magical location. It is an initiation into the dance experience and a new door into another dimension with a constructive intuitive intention to expand human consciousness and the relation between the soul, the body, and its center of power.
The meaning of the name Transition is a change of position, estate, or concept to another.
In this festival you can definitely experience a very powerful transformation within you, with the family of beautiful, spiritual people who come to this festival from all over the globe, when love and light are their first mission.
On top of all of that, the Transition Festival proudly collaborates with some of the best Deco teams there are nowadays, and they present breathtaking decorations, wood art, positive and inspiring signs and other accessories all around the festival grounds. All of that and more, gives you a powerful experience of being in another dimension of freedom, imagination and creativity, above time and space.

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∴  Avanyah @ Hueznar Festival


This festival is a gathering for 5 days that combines many projects of psychedelic and conscient art, including decorations by MIMESIS and ARTESCAPE crews, bioconstruction, handcrafts, workshops and more.
Two different stages; one focused on the different sub-styles of Goa and Psychedelic Trance, the other on the Chill and Ambient. A young festival with a lot of potential, thats for sure.
The festival takes place in the camping Batán de Las Monjas, situated on a privileged spot in the middle of the nature, at the Huéznar riverside.

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∴ Psytrance Festival Season 2019 with Avanyah Clothing

∴  Avanyah @ Flow Festival

04.07.- 07.07.2019

A magical trip to Wiener Neustadt for four days and nights.
Flow Festival started years ago in the circle of close friends, and has grown to be one of the most popular small electronic music festivals in a cozy natural setting.
Even though over time many new friends have come and joined the tribe, and the festival grown to be bigger and wider, the relaxed and familiar atmosphere has remained.
Another key point at Flow Festival, is that you can enjoy eco-toilet cells, economical water taps, and pleasant, well-adapted land for the most comfortable and enjoyable “stay in nature” experience.
In a walking distance from the festival area you can find a small lake and a water spring, if you want to refresh your mind between dancing or participating in the many workshops and activities exiting at this Festival.

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∴  Avanyah @ S.U.N Festival

15.07. – 21.07.2019

A family gathering in a fabulous location close to Nograd in Hungary. Solar United Natives is an initiative to save the original, noble idea once called ‘S.U.N.’, which is totally different from last years’ festival concepts, and only a handful of the previous team members have remained.
Performing artists: Aerospace (GR) live | Aioaska (AT) live | Alexsoph (DE) | Alpha (DE) | Ananda Shanti (DE) | Anchu (HU) live | Andras Toth (HU) live | Andromeda (SE) live | Anoebis (BE) | Antaro (DE) | Argon Sphere (SRB) live | Arhetip (SRB) live | Atma (RO) live | A.U.M. (RO) live | Aumanoid (FR) live | Aurafood (HU) live | Beathead (DE) | Benho (HU) | Beta Tribe (HU) | Big Bacterials (ISR) live | Bobek (HU) | Boom Shankar (DE) | and many more..

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∴  Avanyah @ Freedom Festival

06.08. – 12.08.2019

At the Freedom Festival you can enjoy one of the best setted up sound systems in Europe. With the top of artists in the psychedelic scene such as ASTRIX, ACE VENTURA, HYPOGEO, EMOK, FLOATING MACHINE, FILTERHEADS, TROPICAL BLEYAGE, VIRTUAL LIGHT, WAIO, XEROX, XP VOODOO and more.
The Freedom Festival is located in Sao Giao, Portugal, on a peaceful land filled with nature and privacy.
Inside the festival grounds there is a small lake that allows refreshment in hot moments, but most important to know is that almost the entire area of the festival is covered in green beautiful trees that keeps you covered from the strong Portuguese sun.

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∴  Avanyah @ Free Earth Festival

22.08. – 26.08.2019

The Free Earth is a collaboration of like-minded dedicated Psychedelic Freedom Fighters determined to bring back the vibe to the outdoor party scene.
It is a family gathering, an international union of people from more than 63 different countries.
Located on a beautiful beach in Greece, the Free Earth Festival has 3 different music stages, a childrens area & a cultural area. What an amazing set up for a festival!

Created by over 100 artists from the underground electronic music & visual arts.
In addition, two years ago the Art gallery of Free Earth Festival was launched for the first time, with over 20 International & Greek Artists. There you will find Exhibitions of Paintings and Sculptures, as well as Live Painting and Digital Art Creations.

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