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∴ To learn how to move your body freely as it wishes, with full support.

We are all comfortable on our own mat.
But often we might like to welcome new tests and challenges. So, we’ve entered aerial yoga that is also known as anti-gravity yoga.
This type of yoga is a mix of art of classic practice yoga, in the air or on the ground, along with the art of aerial skills.
It could be frightening at first to get off the surface when we are so used to feeling rooted on the earth.
Nevertheless, with a bit of practice, being adjourned feels just as natural as being grounded.
Aerial movement is a variant of yoga and self-healing that you might haven’t heard of before.
It is a unique technique of movement that allows the body deep stretches and free movement with the support of a hammock alone,
or with additional resistance straps.
By using the support of the hammock and the straps we can reach to many points and aeras in our body that we normally can not reach in a regular ground practice, or without the support.
The aerial movement practice carries a few angles of importance. It is helping to release pain and can heal injuries,
it improves our flexibly and general balance.
It strengthens our immune system and improves blood circulation.
All of that comes from a verity of ground and aerial exercises, that combined with challenge and great fun.


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∴ What is yoga ?

∴ Yoga is a union of body, mind & soul. A real connection to the here & now.

In yoga we are using pranayama techniques (breathing exercises), Physical Asanas (poses in yoga) and meditation to calm the mind and be connected to the moment and the practice, while learning to feel our body and better understanding it.
Yoga goes way back as it is an old discipline from the country of India. Yoga is known to enhance the overall mood and health of the person doing it.
Today, yoga is one of the popular past time activities people are using. You can practice yoga as its fitness, to get stronger, fitter and with “better” body shape, but the real essence of yoga is way deeper.

Yoga is a very spiritual path that starts with practice on the mat or in the air, and continue with general peace of mind, living in kindness to others, eating healthy and taking care of the body, caring for nature and other surroundings around us.
It is a very strong way to get the connection with your higher self, the one that is hosted in your physical body.

Yoga brings you to realize that you are much more than just your physical body, and at the same time- your physical body is your gift to be able to walk on this earth and be, create and experience life, so it’s in our responsibility to take care of it and keep it healthy and strong at any given time.


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∴ Who can practice aerial movement?

∴ The aerial movement has no limit of age or experience.

You can be a very beginner, or an advance practitioner who wants to achieve higher goals or to improve his Asanas performance.
It is not only suitable for yogis, but also for children in all ages, sports enthusiasts and even people who have never practice any movement before.
Above all of that – aerial movement is a recommended healing path for people who suffers from daily pain and even as a therapy after injuries such as back injuries, shoulders, legs and more.

We look at yoga, as well as Aerial movement, as our initial step in achieving a new us.
Also, you don’t need to worry if you are not flexible enough, in yoga or aerial yoga.

That’s a good thing. Why?
Doing yoga and aerial movement does not only improves our health or mood,
but it also improves our flexibility, body mind and soul.
It may be difficult at first, but you’ll see that it will be worth it in the end.
And in line with that, here are the impressive benefits of doing yoga or aerial yoga.

It allows us to feel ZEN
Doing mind and body activities can reduce stress levels, thus helps us to relax.
Yoga and aerial yoga are a great mind and body activities that can help us to develop the sensation of Zen.
With breathing techniques and body movements, our body will be achieving Zen,
thus at the end of the lesson, we will be feeling light, calmed, and balanced.

It’s super fun and relaxing at the same time
If we desire fun and relaxation, then aerial yoga is the perfect embodiment of both.
While performing basic to complex moves, It can also help our mind and body to relax. Aerial yoga is incredibly fun because we’ll get to perform moves while in mid-air supported by a hammock, or even ground exercises with the help of the resistance straps.


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∴ What are the benefits of practicing aerial movement?

∴ Fun, thrill & relaxation – to your own time & in your own conditions.

It’s considered as well as an EXERCISE after all
Yoga or aerial yoga does not only relax us, but it also strengthens the body and can be used as a form of exercise.
Since our body will be doing a lot of movement, we are basically doing cardio and even losing some carbs in our body. That’s a great substitution for extraneous exercises. While practicing in the air we use all our core muscles and strengthening the overall muscular system, together with improving the balance in our body.

A wonderful mood and health booster
Aerial movement certainly helps us to develop improved health and mood. We are performing movements such as twisting or stretching while doing breathing exercises the whole time. All of these significantly activate the processes in our body and releasing good hormones. It also helps in terms of physical health as it keeps the body to be fit, flexible and with good balance throughout the body.


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∴ How does it work?

∴ A tool of healing – it has endless possibilities & ideas for practice.

You get a hammock or an aerial trapeze – which is a hammock combined with the resistance straps. You can hang it in your home, or outside on a tree, a metal or wooden structure. You can even take it with you for a long journey on the road, in order to keep your body motion free and your body painless even on long journeys. You can always find a place to hang the Aerial trapeze to keep your practice. Furthermore, the movement is with full support. However, the aerial movement, different from the aerial yoga, is a method of free movement and it is not only about preforming Asanas in particular.

Which means that even if you feel low energy, sick or injured, or your body is just not strong yet, you can easily practice aerial movement. Most likely it will be the right solution for you even before any other practices that available.
The support eliminates your body weight from the practice, or even use it for your own benefits and reach to deeper stretches and positions. Either way – you feel that you are investing less effort than you actually investing.
In other words, we are hanging from a hammock while performing traditional yoga poses, of course, with the same purpose as the basic one. We face fears and challenges through a wonderful aerial experience and an incredible fun.

But also to move freely in between them, to try to learn the boundaries of our body and expend them, while exploring the journey between the movements and asanas. Each body is different, and the aerial movement gives any body the opportunity to find its peace and strengthen the specific needs of each practitioner.
The support of the hammock and the resistance straps allowing us to focus on our body’s sensations and stretch our muscles according to our will at each moment.
While practicing aerial movement we discover the wonder of our own body, we learn our real body capacity, and can expend it much faster, since the movement is with full support.
We learn to listen and strengthen the body.


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Have you ever felt like your body is tired or feeling heavy?
That it has limited motion at some moments, such as mornings?
How about after a long day at the office, or a long drive while traveling?

Most of us experience those feelings many times in our life, sometimes even daily.
But most important to know and understand is that we don’t have to live like this,
we don’t need to wait till the energy will come back, we can create it slowly from within, by practicing movement especially in those moments. And the best and maybe even easier way to do that, is by allowing the body to move with support.

Imagine that – you are after a long day at work,
it is cold outside and rainy, you weren’t at home for many hours.
All you want to do is to lye down on the couch and let your body rest.

Of course you can do that,
but what if you had something to hold you for a few minutes,
right before you lie down, while you stretch your muscles and runs your blood, warm up your body and bring it to peace and free motion again? You can only hang yourself on the hammock,
or rest on the straps and let your body move a bit, without your body weight.
The best part is that you don’t have to leave the house for that.

Because the aerial movement trapeze can be hung in your home,
in the kitchen, above your bed or even Infront of the TV.
Keeping daily practice of aerial movement can bring your body to health,
improve your blood circulation and reduce your daily stress.
You can really feel a big difference even after a really short time of daily practice.
In fact, even after one-time practice you can experience an easement on your muscles and mind.


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