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∴ Efrat “efi” yifrach, a traveler teacher

She is also a graduate of a 3 years theater studies program, which included voice training, acting, movement & writing.
After 6 years of acting, singing and composing at the theater,  she was seriously injured.
Determined to heal and feel good again, she decided to try a  therapy method  through aerial movement.
This method changed her life, and  enabled her to get her mobility back.
She then decided to share her knowledge of healing with aerial movement around the world, truly believing that this is her life goal, the meaning of her journey.
She traveled around India with her special aerial movement hammock and spread her method and love with workshops and classes for local kids and tourists.
While travelling she participated in music projects with musicians from all over the world, performing in restaurants and on the streets, and volunteering with the local communities.
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After one year of travel, which also included teaching in Israel & Austria, she decided to deepen her knowledge of Yoga. She graduated a 200 hours yoga teacher training intensive course in Rishikesh, India, the yoga capital of the world, in a traditional school.
While there she practiced and learned Pranayama, Asanas, a variety of techniques for meditation and mantras chanting. She studied Anatomy & Ayurveda, aliment, Yoga Philosophy & Yoga therapy.
With those tools and knowledge, she moved to beautiful Vienna as her permanent home, while she continues her travels and spreads her knowledge in Europe with her workshops and as part of the Avanyah Team at the summer festivals. She teaches Hatha Yoga, Yoga & Sound, Aerial Movement, Voice Development & Harmonies Singing.
Follow Efi on this journey and come explore as she shares her knowledge with you all.
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Nowadays, Efi started by herself to produce the spacial Aerial movement and yoga trapeze for self-practice, with the help of a highly professional camping and sports equipment factory in Bali, Indonesia. Her swing called “The Althea”, which means the power of healing.
The Althea is two meters on two meters hammock, combined with 6 resistance straps and 4 fabric cradles. It is a strong, long-lasting and colorful product that can change your life. The method of movement and healing has endless possibilities and exercises that can contribute to your general health, improve your flexibility and balance, strengthen the body and relax daily pain or even heal you after injuries, just like Efi healed her own body. She started to spread and sell the aerial movement trapeze worldwide, while sharing consistently tutorials online for self-practice, so people can buy the special aerial swing and keep their practice at home, or even while traveling, and wherever they go.
If you are interested in buying the swing and join her worldwide flying and healing community, send her a message and she will send you the Althea, and guide your body to health online!

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