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Halkidiki beach , Greece

free earth festival 

The Free Earth Festival is an annual sustainable open-air festival held in Greece. It is a unique event in Europe as it is the only beach festival of its kind. The festival aims to create a sustainable paradigm and is led by a team of visionaries, artists, musicians, event coordinators, managers, designers, organisers, technicians, craftsmen and volunteers.


The festival was first launched in 2013 in ancient Olympia in the Peloponnese in southern Greece with the aim of creating a trustworthy and sustainable open-air festival that would appeal to both Greek and international audiences. The first two editions had only one main stage and a chill-out area, but an impressive and diverse programme.

In 2015, the festival took a break to take more time for targeted measures, such as introducing a different schedule (biennial festival), restructuring the production team and upgrading and theming the music stages. The festival wanted to open up to an international audience by creating a truly environmentally sustainable and unique experience.


In 2016, the festival moved to Northern Greece and Halkidiki, more specifically to Kypsa beach on Kassandra. For the first time, the festival offered three different music stages, official pre- and after-parties and hosted the Parvati Records stage. The international attendance, the beach, the pre- and after-parties and the new Parvati stage completely changed the shape and feel of the festival.


In 2017, the festival took another break to research and plan for the next year when it moved to its previous location at Azapiko Beach in Halkidiki. In 2018, the festival expanded to include an art gallery, a children’s area and many other improvements, not to mention 3500 brothers and sisters from 80 different countries. Due to its huge success, the festival became an annual event again, with Azapiko Beach proving to be a picturesque and perfect location for a fully sustainable open-air festival.


In 2019, the festival celebrated its 5th anniversary with about 4000 people from 100 different countries. The festival created a multicultural gathering of the people with the most memorable atmosphere of any Greek festival so far. The festival had some infrastructural problems in 2017-2018 due to changing locations combined with the rapid and unexpected growth of the festival. However, the organisers quickly addressed and resolved these issues.


After a three-year hiatus due to the pandemic, the festival will return with its “SuperMoon Edition” in 2023. The festival will be held in a comfortable camping area with incredible artists on the beach, celebrating the SuperMoon for 5 days.

The venue in Halkidiki, Greece, is particularly suitable for the festival due to its picturesque beaches and secluded nature. The Azapiko Beach venue has turquoise waters, white and golden sand and is secluded enough to provide the perfect atmosphere for the festival.


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Avanyah is a fashion brand inspired by psychedelic art and diverse cultures. They collaborate with artists worldwide to create unique and sustainable clothing using organic materials. Avanyah’s manufacturing facility in Bali, Indonesia, focuses on fair and balanced working conditions and sustainable production. Their clothing collection includes jackets, vests, skirts, dresses, tops, and pants in a price range from 19 to 85 euro. They offer a sales box with well-preserved clothing at festivals to support social projects. The shop is decorated with green textile leaves, and they use warm lighting and a scotch roller to minimize waste. Avanyah has participated in various music festivals, events, and markets worldwide, including Antaris, Ozora, and Summer Never Ends. You are very welcome at our market stall! As a special thank you for your visit, we have some exciting incentives and special offers that are sure to please you.


In addition to the raffle at Orpheus festival, we are also holding a competition for the most creative photo taken at our stand. Simply take a photo of our products and tag us on social media, and you could win a – 50% voucher to use in our online shop in the future.


At our stand you will find a collection of exceptional, high quality products available at great prices. We are very proud to present our offerings to you and are sure you will be delighted with what we have to offer.

Thank you for your support and enjoy shopping with us!

Inter Dim. Being Vest Green

67,00 €

Tan Thora Vest Black

67,00 €

Arabesque Button Shirt Black

45,00 €

Nakthi Dress Brown

59,00 €