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Dear party people around the globe!

The years 2020 and 2021 will indeed be memorable years for all of us. For us at Avanyah, they have been the most challenging years for the company, but at the same time the most productive and creative. We have tried to focus on the conditions in which we need to grow and develop our business, our community and our collaborations. We kept our positive attitude, risked a lot and trusted that the universe would find solutions and ways to keep creating and connecting with our international community.


In the meantime, the family has evolved and grown many times over. Artists from France, Israel, India, Chile, the Netherlands, and other countries took seats in the Avanyah family to join their forces with us. Our aim was to bring the art of these talented artists to life. We are looking forward to the upcoming festival summer and are very excited to start our festival tour once again at the Transition Festival in Almonte, Spain!



Almonte, Spain


Some of the artists on the lineup for Transition Festival include Dalex, Jana, Barker, Dylan, and Atmos. These artists bring a wide range of sounds to the festival, from progressive and melodic beats to driving, hypnotic basslines.

Other notable acts on the lineup include Neco, Eusebio, Atacama, Hypogeo, Hypnoise, Raoul, and Freesoul. These artists represent some of the best and most cutting-edge music in the psytrance scene today, with each bringing a unique sound and vibe to the festival.


Beyond the more established artists, Transition Festival also features a number of up-and-coming talents like IAH, Bastet, Sati, Confo, Hypatia, Alexic Rod, Maxxim, Rasco, and Diogo. These artists represent the future of the psytrance scene, bringing fresh ideas and innovative sounds to the festival. With so many incredible artists on the lineup, it’s hard to pick just a few highlights. However, some acts that are definitely not to be missed include Code Therapy, Ulvae, Floating Machine, PsyVana, K-Isuma, Fraggle, Phobos, and Out World.


Whether you are a long-time psytrance fan or just want to explore new sounds and expand your consciousness, the Transition Festival is a wonderful experience. In addition, you can take part in yoga classes, learn about herbal medicine or simply dance the night away under the stars. Regardless of your interests, you’re sure to find something that appeals to you. With a variety of artists, a magical location in the forest and a focus on personal growth and spiritual exploration, this festival is not to be missed.

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