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New designs are on the way! Discover the new collection by Avanyah clothing! Alternative streetwear, festival fashion & artwear...


Unique art to wear

Festival clothing

Alternative streetwear

We spent days and nights communicating with our artists and with our factories in Bali and Vienna, as well as designing a new online shop from scratch and focusing on upcoming collaborations with alternative clothing shops. We wanted to make sure we were prepared and do everything we could with the time, conditions and opportunities we had. We are currently in the final stages of the production process of our new extensive alternative streetwear clothing. Furthermore, the first designs are already freshly cooked and ready for you 🙂


We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!



  • Our tireless & crazy photographer, Patrick.


  •  The factory & every person involved in the production process & especially our esteemed Dipa.


  •  Our “online mastermind” & guardian angel, Mike

the raffle

avanyah magic box

spread your vibes

Before we continue to introduce you to our family and friends, we would like to present you our raffle! 

In the future @avanyah_clothing, we’ll be running raffles on a regular basis where the persons whose pictures have rocked our world the most will win the Avanyah’s Magic Box with lots of great surprises. Because we truly love it when you wear your favorite Avanyah design and spread your vibes!

Join us and take part under the motto:


SNAP IT –   while wearing your favorite design of Avanyah


TAG IT – #avanyahclothing


SHARE IT – with the people around the world

Mantis Vision Art

alternative Streetwear

by avanyah & Mantis Vision art

An exceptionally talented graphic designer, music producer, stage designer, painter and a more than valued friend. We have been working with Natan aka Mantis Vision Art & Design since the beginning of 2020, after we met him the summer before at the S.U.N. Festival in Hungary and the Desert Bass Festival in Israel.

Among other things, we have him to thank for the new version of our logo. Afterwards the design of our new clothing labels, the refreshing of our business card design as well as the production of buttons with the new Avanyah symbol for our upcoming production were the result. He is additionally the creative genius behind the artworks of the designs Mantis Eyes, Inter Dimensional Being and AndroiDreamz. In addition, Mantis Vision Art is responsible for the pattern prints on some of our button up shirts for men as well.

Sly Artwork

Alternative clothing

by avanyah & sly artwork

A painter, visual artist, graphic designer as well as jewelry manufacturer. 

Leslie from Sly Art Work came to our attention by a pure coincidence at the Ozora Festival 2012. Without knowing him, Leslie gave our good friend “Upc”, who is also part of the Avanyah family, a drawing she had made shortly before at the festival. Immediately he told us enthusiastically about this encounter and showed us her drawing as well. After the launch of Avanyah, it was clear that we would try to contact Leslie, who was then known to us only as “the French girl from Ozora”, somehow. Luckily, at some point deep in a drawer, our chaotic upc found a small piece of paper with Leslie’s email address. This paved the way for our further collaborations with Sly Artwork.

You can admire the artworks on our alternative clothing designs Sly Heads, Flower Optics and Cxema.

Edison Lazar

alternative fashion Collection

by avanyah & Edison Lazar

A painter, visual artist, DJ and graphic designer. The first time we met Edison was 2019 at the Desert Bass Festival in Israel. Good conversations and followed during the festival, but our journey with Edison started on New Year’s Eve 2020 in Goa, India. He spontaneously decided to book a flight from Israel to his home country to visit his family and friends. That evening, with good vibes and a cold beer, it was decided to collaborate in the future to bring his artwork to life in our alternative streetwear collections. It was a pleasure to be able to visit him spontaneously afterwards on our trip through Israel and we are already looking forward to seeing this lovely guy again.

Edison Lazaro is the creator of the artworks that adorn Avanyah’s uppers Geo-Face, Moon Vibes and Infinity.

Januz art

Alternative streetwear

by avanyah & Januz Art

Arjan aka Januz Art is a painter, illustrator, party decorator, electronic music producer and proud father who we met on Instagram in early 2021 when his work came to our attention. We are very excited to meet this talented artist and share his extraordinary artwork with the world. His great psychedelic-tinged graphics on our Druid, Gateway and Mycelium designs are the first fruits of our collaboration with this artist. We are very excited about his next creations.

John Kikll ink

Alternative clothing

by avanyah & John Kill Ink

Diego is a 36-year-old architect from Chile who is also a painter and cartoonist. We became aware of his distinctive artwork in early 2021. Now we are delighted to have his artwork adorning our Bio Borg t-shirt. We highly recommend to take a look at his recently published comic book and card game. I’m sure you’re as excited as we are to see this artist’s future designs.

Dicky Artwork

Alternative fashion

by avanyah & Dicky Artwork

Dicky Candra Irwan is an illustration artist who focuses on t-shirt designs, album covers as well as posters, among other things. His creations are usually very creative, trippy pieces of art. We got to know Dicky Art via Instagram. After a brief introduction of us and a small talk, it was clear that he would be creating some unique artwork for Avanyah, which will be influenced by his psychedelic, edgy style. We are proud to present his first artwork on our Smoke T-Shirt, an upcoming design of our new alternative streetwear clothing.