Akio Streetwear Baggy Pant

55,00 45,00

∴ streetwaer baggy pant with screen print

∴ eight pockets & secret pocket

∴ adjustable waist band

∴ lightweight woven cotton fabric

∴ fit perfactly with our Juno Hoddie Top

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The Akio Pant is a short Streetwear Baggy Pant for men combine comfort, style and features that add to your clothing experience freedom.
The twin back pockets having a subtle screen printing to match the decadent dull gold detailing on this baggy pant for some style.
In addition is the streetwear equipped with features, such as three key holders, eight pockets and a secret pocket, as well as an adjustable band around the waist, which allows individual size adjustments.
These short and stylish trouser is made of woven cotton are lightweight and very comfortable to wear.
Whether you go out with friends, on the dance floor at festivals or going to work, this summer pant will provide you all your needs.
The Akio Streetwear Baggy Pant is ideally to wear with the Juno Hoddie Top.



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