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Isa Mini Skirt


∴ combines uniqueness & wildness

∴ layers of cotton fabric

∴ cotton mash fabric

∴ brass eyelets & buttons

∴ secret pocet

Avanyah Tops to combine with

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The Isa Mini Skirt is a perfect combination of uniqueness and wildness. A beautiful mini skirt for women which is made of different layers of cotton as well as a soft cotton mesh. It’s an elite piece in our collection for festivals and women’s summer wear. This comfortable pice of women clothing provides a secret pocket and is decorated with eye catching brass eyelets and buttons. The sexy Isa Mini Skirt is the ultimate choice on hot days, at a party or as a festival wear during the summer. In addition we created two different tops which you can wear as a set to the mini skirt. The Isa Set will undoubtedly be the perfect choice for you!


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