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  • the-althea-aerial-movement-and-yoga-trapeze-color combinations-avanyah
  • the-althea-aerial-movement-and-yoga-trapeze-color combinations-avanyah
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The Althea

The Althea

Artwork by: Efi Love LightThe Althea, an aerial movement and yoga trapeze
Artwork by: Efi Love Light



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Aerial movement & yoga trapeze

Distinctive yoga hammock design

Therapeutic practice & free motion

Unlimited online support & free videos

Long-lasting, durable parachute

6 straps, 2 cushions, 2 fabric cradles

2 daisy chains of 1.5 meters & carry bag

Carries up to 600 kg


The Althea, an aerial movement and yoga trapeze.

It’s a sweeping, distinctive yoga hammock design with six additional straps, two pillows and two fabric cradles. Made of long-lasting, durable parachute, The Althea, an aerial movement and yoga trapeze carries up to 600kg and can be your best friend for years.

Aerial movement is an active, therapeutic practice that focuses on activity, free motion, as well as maneuvers between positions. Additionally not to forget the dynamic movement of 360 degrees with the full support of this unique aerial trapeze.

With the Althea you can enjoy various deep tissue stretches. You can also perform yoga or Pilates exercises with support and achieve better results in your asanas. You can also enjoy self-massage and self-treatments for local pain.
In addition, you can practice power flows and strength exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, abdominal exercises, core strength exercises and aerobics. With these exercises, you can safely work on weight loss, general fitness, and even bodybuilding.
Don’t worry – you’ll get plenty of video tutorials with The Althea to build your practice according to your needs, in addition to full online support with Efi Love Light.

The practice with this aerial swing can contribute to our general health due to the routine of moving daily. We can strengthen our whole body while having great support in the process. It helps the blood circulation in our body and opens our joints.

The Althea can provide also support to the healing process after injuries such as herniated discs, spinal dislocations, scoliosis, etc. Among other things, training with the sweeping aerial yoga trapeze can relieve daily and chronic pain in  all body parts, as well as helping immensely with back pain.

What also makes the Althea a popular choice for yoga addicts is the fact that moving with it improves full-body flexibility and endurance. This can lead you to better results in any training you already do. Regardless of our practice, taking care of our bodies and keeping moving generally brings the health our body need.

This individual aerial yoga swing is designed by Efi Love Light, a certified yoga teacher, and aerial movement specialist. Whether you practice yoga, pilates, fitness, or any other sports activities, the unique Althea can be your answer.

What comes with The Althea?

  • Additional cushions and fabric cradles
  • 2 daisy chains, each 1.5 meters long, for convenient height adjustment
  • The Althea carry bag
  • Home installation and outdoor hanging guide
  • Free video tutorials with different themes
  • Community support on social media & groups on messengers
  • Personal online support with Efi Love Light
  • 10 € gift voucher for online courses with Efi Love Light


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Parachute Fabric

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