Zola Thora Jacket


∴ printed hoodie jacket

∴ cvc cotton fleece fabric

∴ expanded sleeves & large hoodie

∴ stylish print in- and outside

∴ upside down stitching & comfortable lenght

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This printed hoodie jacket named “Zola Thora” will be the best addition to your wardrobe.
With long and expanded sleeves and a large hoodie, the jacket will give you the most comfortable experience.
The eye catching print art on the back of the jacket combines geometric shapes and mystical elements.
The hoodie jacket has a mini dress length with side pockets that can be worn with denim shorts to compliment the upside down stitching.
It is made of CVC Cotton Fleece fabric, to ensure maximum comfort and durability over time, while providing great warmth.
It keeps you either warm on cold days, for working at the office or for going out in the chilly evenings.
The fabric print inside off the hoodie and the prominent, decorative seams on the exterior has style, uniquenes.
To summary – the Zola Thora Jacket is the perfect choice for you wherever you go, especially at a summer festival or outdoor party.
Zola means earth, Thora means thunder – You will definitely shake the ground around you when wearing this jacket 😉

On various psytrance festivals and markets, we offer the Zola Thora Jacket in different colors as well.
Contact us  or check out here  where we ll be at next 🙂
You can never go wrong in a jacket that matches your soul!


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