Psytrance Festivals


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The love for each other, the love for dancing, the love of nature and the universe.
The freedom of being who you are, to choose your own choices, to be where you want to be.
Without apologizing. Without judgement.
To meet people from all over the world, and see how much we are alike, how much we are connected.
Here are the psytrance festivals from our perspective.


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∴  Go out on weekends to the nature – Dance and get hyped

Imagine this:
You are one with a crowd of a few hundreds, or even thousands. You move in synchronicity with one another as you’re hypnotized by psychedelic colors and a piece of enchanting trance music. You are not a spectator. You are a participant.
With each beat, you become more one together with the crowd around you.
That’s how we feel on the dance floor, when participating in psytrance festivals.

For the inexperienced, psytrance is a subgenre of trance music that mixes synthetic rhythms along with high tempo riffs and layered melodies.
These festivals bring psytrance music to a whole different level! By incorporating a sense of community, art, and overtones, these festivals attract hundreds and thousands of ravers all across the globe.

In moments of political doubt, governmental corruption, as well as city streets overwhelmed by danger, psychedelic trance festivals offer a safe space for all joung (by age or by heart) individuals to enjoy nature and music combined, with a great sense of real freedom. Society is more likely to mold the minds of young people into believing life has a predetermined, rigid course that they should follow.

Extremely competitive workplace and judgmental social scenarios lead to stress and even feelings of insufficiency. Psytrance festivals are all-accepting, non-judgmental space where people are motivated to be themselves and live worry-free, without fears or social expectations.

Stroll to any psytrance dance floor, or even only walk around the entire festival grounds- you will notice nothing but pure and genuine smiles all around you. These festivals releases an abundance of positive energy, which even the most skeptic of attendees couldn’t help but absorb. Strangers eventually become the best of friends and distrust vanishes away as you realize human beings can live together in a loving and carefree environment, in a perfect harmony.


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Matchless and unexplainable vibe !

Beyond the breathtaking decorations and good organizations of the festival, the thing that we love the most about psytrance festivals is the energy and the vibes of the festival, which are created by the beautiful people of psytrance festivals, and they harbor these chill vibes.
The environment is friendly, accepting and loving International connections are created, and the space is a place where we could relax and enjoy everything that is in sight, connect to the here and now, without unnecessary disruptions and struggles.
Psytrance festivals are an opportunity, a place for expression of art, creativity, music and the purity of the movement.


Feel the love for the environment and nature !

In most Trance festivals, in Europe in particular and in the world in general,
there is an important emphasis on maintaining the environment,
connecting with nature and consecrating a harmonious life with it.
These festivals are made to be environmentally friendly and fun at the same time.
You probably will see less signs of trash or junk scattered on the surroundings at these Psychedelic festivals.
Usually there are quite a few volunteers who walk around the festival and make sure there is no garbage and dirtiness,
making sure the festival environment is clean, and respect the nature that hosts them. There are also psytrance festivals that do it for a cause.
For example saving the ecology or for animals nearing extinction.


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One-of-a-kind and full of vibe music !

In psytrance festivals the music makes us feel like we are in a psychedelic state.
This is one of the reasons why we “festival goers” visit psytrance festivals.
We love the awesomeness and greatness of music being played in these festivals.
Not only noise, but also a sound that combined with melodic and rhythmic arrangements that flowing in high-tempo.
Some are only pure music without any lyrics but still a mood due to the quality melody and rhythm it gives to its listeners.
Some include words within the music, words designed to stimulate your consciousness, your connection to yourself and to others.
To empower you. We believe you can affect people around you with everything you do, and when you have the power of music with you, you can touch a lot of hearts.
We feel that psytrance music can and already is generating a big difference in our generation.


Offers a space to meet new, wonderful human beings !

Psytrance festivals is an open event for anyone who is interested, not just hippies. It’s a place where we are able to meet various types of people with diverse cultures and get the chance to befriend them. We love psytrance festivals because it’s an event that is peaceful, chill, and fun, that brings together all the best people in the world under the same purpose- living with vividness, happiness and peace, in harmony with others. During a psy trance festival, we can basically communicate to different people without any trouble.

In fact, this is another component why psytrance festivals are one of a kind, because of the people. We are able to meet people with the same mindset and same vibes. When we have the same blend, we tend to match, thus becoming friends.


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Lots of activities to enjoy !

At psytrance festivals, we get to enjoy sometimes something we are not even aware of. Often, activities at these kinds of festivals are out of the ordinary but are sure to be fun and worthwhile.
In almost every psytrance festival there is a healing area, where people can explore their souls, develop skills and arts, connect with themselves and others, with diverse workshops guided by mentors and professional teachers who come from all over the world to share their knowledge with the festival attendees. Psytrance festivals are also a platform for DJs, music artists or enthusiasts to share their own creation of music.
In addition, at these festivals, there is always a space of expression as well for fire artists, dancers, jugglers and other stage performances.
In case we want it simple, we can just sit back, listen to good music while watching the sunset on a beautiful afternoon, and enjoy a variety of performances all around us.

No violence !

Being good people with great mindsets, these kinds of festivals are definitely safe from any harm or violence. Compared to other events or festivals where violence can be a part of the happening, psytrance festivals beg to differ.

The trance people are different, more respectful, thoughtful and enlightened, and we’ve never seen any form of violence at those festivals.
Take a weekend to escape the stresses and worries of daily life. Come and join us on the dancefloor where you could freely enjoy the freshest beats with the sun on your face and the wind blowing in your neck and hair.
Visualize being in the center of a crowd, listening to a trance song, feeling the accepting vibe as your thoughts bring you to different places, and your body feels new sensations. Join us and be open to trying out new stuff.

Let’s dance until our feet cannot simply dance anymore. Meet other cool folks, express yourself in creative and fun ways without the fear of being judged.

Let’s love together !

Follow our festivals tour and join us on the road of love and magic!