Who is Efi?

Efrat “Efi” Yifrach is a traveler teacher. She is also a Graduate of a 3 years Theater studies program, which included voice training, acting, movement & writing. After 6 years of acting, singing, and composing at the theater.

Avanyah Clothing

Embracing Transformation with our sunshine Efi Love Light: The Heart of Avanyah Clothing's Journey in Alternative Fashion!

Welcome to an extraordinary narrative that weaves together the themes of resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of movement and connection, all through the lens of Avanyah Clothing, a beacon of alternative fashion. At the forefront of this story is Efi Love Light, an individual whose journey personifies the healing, inspiration, and boundless potential inherent in the human spirit. Known for her radiant charisma and unforgettable smile, Efi has become a familiar face on the festival market street, embodying the soul of Avanyah with every step. Her dedication extends beyond mere appearance; she actively supports the brand’s vision across logistics, sales, and presentation of our market stall at markets, events and psychedelic trance festivals.

Who is Efi?

Founder of the aerial trapeze "Althea", teacher of aerial movement and hatha yoga, coach for personal self-healing as well as traveller, singer and writer.

Efi is a graduate of a 3-year theater degree program that includes voice training, acting, movement, and writing. After 6 years of acting, singing, and composing at the theater, she was seriously injured. She tried many methods of healing but nothing provided help. Determined to heal and feel good again, she decided to try a therapy method through aerial movement. During her healing process, she was part of the development of this wonderful method. This method changed her life and enabled her to get her mobility back.

Her journey

Embark on a transformative journey with Efi Love Light, whose passion for aerial yoga and holistic health runs through every facet of her life. Discover the unique blend of movement, sound and self-care she offers, inviting you to enhance your practice and well-being.

After one year of travel, which also included teaching in Israel & Austria, she decided to deepen her knowledge of Yoga. She graduated from a 200 hours yoga teacher training intensive course in Rishikesh, India, the yoga capital of the world, in a traditional school. While there she practiced and learned Pranayama, Asanas, a variety of techniques for Meditation, and Mantras chanting. She studied Anatomy & Ayurveda, Aliment, Yoga philosophy and Yoga therapy.

With those tools and knowledge, she moved to the beautiful city Vienna as her permanent home while she continues her travels and spreads her knowledge in Europe with her workshops and as part of the Avanyah team at the summer festivals. She holds courses on movement for healthier living, through Hatha Yoga classes, Yoga and Sound Meditation, Aerial Movement, Aerial Yoga classes, as well as women circles, voice development and Mantra Harmonies Singing sessions. Follow Efi on this journey and explore as she shares her knowledge with you all.

Furthermore, feel free to contact Efi or visit her website www.thealtheamovement.com for more information about her unique aerial trapeze as well as to get an overview of additional offered classes and online courses  other courses of your choice.

Here we continue with Efi Love Light’s beautiful journey of music, yoga and flying!

The Althea

Discover holistic health with The Althea, Efi Love Light's innovative aerial trapeze that combines aerial art and therapeutic benefits for overall well-being and body awareness!

The Althea is an aerial self-practice swing. It is a unique aerial trapeze, a distinct design by Efi Love Light. The aerial trapeze is adjusted and designed for self-healing and pain relief. The Althea is a hammock combined with six resistance straps, include gym-grade grip rubber handles, two additional pillows, and four cloth cradles.

A perfect tool to gain strength and flexibility, even for people who have never practiced any sports activities before. It is recommended especially for people with daily pain, people who want to begin with daily movement and a better understanding of their body, people who want to create a healthier lifestyle.

You may come across different types of hammocks for aerial yoga, antigravity, or air yoga. All of them are very good for you, but you might want to take a moment to look closer at “The Althea”, before purchasing yourself a piece of aerial practice equipment. It might be the better answer for you.

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Dive into a holistic journey of self-discovery and transformation with Efi Love Light. Through a diverse offering of aerial movement and hatha yoga classes, group workshops, meditation sessions, women circles, digital courses and more.!

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Discover the transformative power of movement for healthier living as Efi guides you through Hatha Yoga, Yoga and Sound Meditation, Aerial Movement, Aerial Yoga, women circles, voice development, and Mantra Harmonies Singing sessions. Join Efi on this inspiring journey and delve into a world where yoga, music, and aerial arts converge to uplift and heal. Dive into Efi Love Light’s enchanting journey of music, yoga, and flight, and let her guide you to elevate your spirit and nurture your body and mind.

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Efi Love Light’s story is a testament to the power of resilience, the beauty of movement, and the spirit of exploration. Her journey with Avanyah Clothing is more than just about fashion; it’s about embracing a lifestyle that promotes healing, understanding, and the joy of being. Join us as we continue to explore the vibrant tapestry of stories that make up the Avanyah community.