Who is John?

Step into the vibrant world of Diego Frías, the creative force behind John Kill Ink, as we embark on a journey through his artistic evolution and his fruitful collaboration with the alternative fashion brand Avanyah.

by John Kill ink


From early childhood sketches to becoming a prolific creator, explore Diego Frías's roots in the art world.

From early childhood sketches to becoming a prolific creator, explore Diego Frías’s roots in the art world. Born in Chile, Diego started drawing as a young child, creating characters and stories that filled the pages of his homemade comics. Without access to many comics or a video game console, Diego drew inspiration from occasional visits to friends’ houses, where he would memorize characters from games like “Street Fighter” and “Mega Man.”

Understand how Diego transformed his passion for drawing into a professional endeavor, blending his interests with his career in architecture. While he initially drew for pleasure, his talent and passion guided him to pursue art more seriously, leading to remarkable opportunities such as attending ComicCon and publishing his own comic, “Techfilter.”

Get a glimpse into the life of Diego Frías outside his art studio—a full-time architect, a family man, and a musician. Despite the demands of his architectural career, Diego finds time for his wife and three daughters and even manages to strum the guitar, once his companion in a band.

Enjoy the process of collaborative design and the resulting artworks that Diego has created with Avanyah.

Delve into the creative mind of Diego as he discusses the inspirations and techniques that shape his distinctive art style. Drawing primarily for his own enjoyment, Diego continuously experiments with new materials and drawing techniques, ensuring each piece is a reflection of his evolving artistic journey.

Discover how Diego manages to juggle his responsibilities while maintaining his creative flow. This balance is crucial as he navigates the complexities of life as an artist, architect, and family man, drawing energy and inspiration from each facet of his life.

Reflect on the milestones that have marked Diego’s journey in the art world, including his experiences at ComicCon and his published works. These highlights not only underscore his talent but also his ability to resonate with a diverse audience through his art.

Peek into the exciting new ventures and collaborations Diego is currently involved in or planning for the near future, including a role-playing card game and a new comic series. These projects showcase his versatility and commitment to expanding his horizons.


The design process was a melding of minds, with Januz Art’s vibrant artistry woven into Avanyah’s fabric of creativity.

Explore the origins of the partnership between John Kill Ink and Avanyah, focusing on how it came to be and the mutual benefits. This collaboration began when Avanyah recognized Diego’s unique style and offered him the creative freedom to design for their alternative fashion line.

As we explore the multifaceted career of John Kill Ink and our successful partnership, it’s clear that creativity knows no bounds. We invite you to visit our online shop to view the captivating art wear that Diego has contributed to, bringing his visionary designs to life. This art collaboration has allowed us to explore new areas of creativity, apply his artistic vision to fashion and reach a wider audience.

Discover the collaborative process and resulting artwork created by Diego and Avanyah. Each design not only emphasises the identity of the brand, but also resonates with the community that follows both the artist and the fashion brand.


With roots deeply embedded in a childhood filled with sketches and comics, Diego's passion for art has blossomed into a career that transcends boundaries. Let's explore how his unique style and diverse interests converge to create captivating works of art.

Visit our online shop at www.avanyah.com, where you can browse and purchase various items featuring designs by John Kill Ink.

The brand’s commitment to producing unique, high quality alternative fashion aligned with his artistic ethos and shared values of creativity and individual expression, leading to this artistic partnership.

Diego often participates in art exhibitions and conventions like ComicCon, where his work is displayed. Fans can check his website or follow his social media for announcements regarding upcoming exhibitions and public showcases.

Diego’s designs are available on a variety of Avanyah items. Currently in the shop you can find three different designs featured on t-shirts and tank tops for men as well as women, with several more in the pipeline. Each piece features his distinctive style, combining intricate artwork with the signature of Avanyah’s fashion sense.