Raoul T-Shirt Grey

Artwork by: John Kil Ink.Name of artwork: Raoul
Artwork by: John Kil Ink.



Art wear t-shirt

Screen printed art

Artwork by John Kill Ink.

Pair with our hoodies

100% cotton fabric

Machine wash – 30°


“Buy the ticket, take the ride”. The Raoul t-shirt for men by Avanyah is a unique piece of wearable art that combines fashion and creativity. This grey men’s tee features a detailed trippy artwork by John Kill Ink., a Chilean artist, breathes life into this design, ensuring it stands out at any event. Whether you’re hitting a music festival, art exhibition, or a night on the town, this tee will set you apart.

One of the standout features of this unique festival garment is the double seams on the sleeves, round neckline and bottom hem. This ensures that the garment is durable and long-lasting, making it a smart investment for any fashion-forward individual. Plus, our Raoul t-shirt for men also has a comfortable cut that fits perfectly under a jumper or waistcoat.

But what really sets Avanyah’s t-shirts for men apart is the level of craftsmanship that goes into each piece. We have teamed up with John Kill Ink. to bring unique art to life in our upcoming clothing collections, and this tee is no exception. The handmade art print on this grey men’s t-shirt is a reflection of his incredible talent and attention to detail.

Furthermore, art wear is all about making a statement, and the Raoul t-shirt does just that. It’s not just a piece of clothing; it’s a canvas of self-expression, letting you wear your passion and love for art right on your chest. The combination of high-quality cotton fabric, John Kill Ink’s extraordinary artwork, and the unique theme of “Fear and Laughter in Las Vegas” makes this t-shirt an art collector’s dream.

Order yours today and become the center of attention while embracing this extraordinary combination of art and fashion. Elevate your style game and wear your passion proudly with this exceptional tee.

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100% cotton fabric | machine or hand wash – 30°

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