Flower of Life Button Shirt Blue



Flower of Life Button Shirt

Short sleeves & button-up

Handmade screen print

100% cotton fabric

Pants to combine with

Machine or hand wash – 30°


This screen printed button-up shirt for men features decorative stitching on the collar, shoulders and sleeves. This short-sleeved button-up shirt for men features a handmade, high-quality pattern screen print. This ensures that the printed design on the buttoned shirt will not tear or fade.

Avanyah’s dark blue “Flower of Life Button Shirt” has short sleeves and is a unique combination of comfort, casualness as well as urban style. This makes the screen printed button shirt for men to a truly exceptional addition to your wardrobe.

In addition, this impressive, airy buttoned shirt is made from the finest cotton and is very comfortable to wear. The quality of the Indonesian cotton fabric and the optimal workmanship also ensure that it lasts much longer than the average shirt.

Whether you’re going to psychedelic trance festivals or out for dinner in the city, this men’s short sleeve button shirt is not only the best alternative outfit for everyday life as well as any occasion.

The flower of life is the symbol of creation and represents the cycle of life. It is created by forming a circle, then moving to the edge of that circle and forming another. Each circle begins with a radius away from the surrounding circles and is the same size. This is one of the most fascinating, well known as well as recognized symbols in the world of sacred geometry.

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100% cotton fabric

Machine or hand wash – 30°
Turn your garment inside out before washing.
This will protect the outside and decorative elements of your garment from the mechanical action of washing.
It also improves the contact between the detergent and the inside of your garment.

Please generally observe the following instructions when washing your garments.
High temperatures destroy the fibers and can cause the color to fade more quickly.
There are many home remedies that can protect dark garments from fading or make them shine again.
Pay attention to the ingredients in your detergent or fabric softener and choose them wisely, or consider making your own environmentally friendly and cheaper detergent!
The gentlest way to dry clothes is in the fresh air and in a shady place.

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