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Who are we?

At Avanyah, we embarked on a journey not just to create clothing but to weave connections and celebrate individuality through our alternative fashion. Born in the heart of Europe's vibrant music and art festivals, Avanyah is more than just a brand; it's a movement.

After several years of gaining valuable experience with a market stall at various music events, street markets and fairs as well as numerous psychedelic trance festivals, Avanyah was founded at the beginning of 2018.

In a world where fashion often borders on the conventional, Avanyah, created by party people for party people, stands out as a beacon for the bold and the spirited. As an alternative fashion brand with roots deeply embedded in the vibrant soil of Europe’s psychedelic trance festivals and music events, Avanyah is not just about clothing; it’s about a lifestyle that embraces freedom, creativity, and connection. Here, every piece of art wear and festival outfit tells a story, inviting you to become part of a journey that transcends borders and cultures.

At the heart of Avanyah lies a commitment to more than just aesthetics. We are dedicated to sustainability, ethical production, and fostering a community that celebrates diversity and creativity. Our alternative fashion brand and its collections mirrors these values, blending men’s fashion and women’s fashion with practicality and a conscious approach to the environment. Every design is a testament to our belief in the power of clothing to connect, empower, and inspire.


At Avanyah, we embarked on a journey not just to create clothing but to weave connections and celebrate individuality through our alternative fashion. Born in the heart of Europe's vibrant music and art festivals, Avanyah is more than just a brand; it's a movement.

Our incredible like-minded production facility in Bali, Indonesia to carefully and responsibly bring our custom designs to life. Our alternative fashion brand combines comfortable and thoughtful clothing with art, organic materials, and practical features. We value individuality, fairness, quality and consciousness in many ways. Our goal is to make a genuine connection with people. We want to bring joy to the people we meet, whether through the purchase of our clothing, a good conversation, or simply a smile. We believe in a close relationship with our customers and enjoy meeting people from all over the world. These moments of love and connection are the greatest goal in our journey of creation.

Avanyah thrives on collaboration, bringing together artists, musicians and creatives from around the world to infuse the clothing collections with a variety of voices and visions. This collaborative spirit is what sets our psy wear and rave clothing apart, ensuring that each piece is not just worn but experienced. Our collective’s energy and creativity are palpable in every item, from the intricate designs to the bold use of color and form.

Our design philosophy centres around the idea that fashion should not only look good but feel good and do good. Our extensive product range, including everything from festival outfits to casual art wear, is designed with attention to detail, functionality, and a touch of the unexpected. We incorporate elements of psychedelic clothing into men’s fashion and women’s fashion, creating unique pieces that stand out in any crowd. Read and see more about our projects on the following pages.


Discover the essence of Avanyah, where fashion transcends mere appearance, embodying a lifestyle of freedom, creativity, and sustainability. Our unique blend of psychedelic and alternative streetwear for the adventurous soul promises not just a statement piece, but a story of conscientious crafting and vibrant community spirit.

Our alternative streetwear collections are designed by us, as a direct response to our customers, which comprise of our festival family around the world, the community of travelers, adventurers, and the free souls among us. We always have an ear for our customer’s needs and are grateful for all innovative ideas and proposals that support our work.

In every piece, we strive to marry functionality with a flair for the unexpected, infusing men’s and women’s fashion with psychedelic elements that guarantee you stand out. Our alternative streetwear is born from a dialogue with our global family — a diverse community of festival-goers, travelers, and free spirits who inspire us to continuously innovate. We value your voice, drawing on your ideas and proposals to craft unique additions that blend utility with artistry, from multifunctional pockets and oversized hoodies to intricate sewing and decorating techniques.

The manufacturing process begins with the selection of the locally-sourced materials until the finishing and quality check of every piece in the clothing factory. We exclusively use hight-quality and long-lasting fabrics. We are constantly trying to improve the production and the transportation of our garments sustainably. Most importantly, we use environmentally friendly materials whenever we can. We continue to explore new materials, as we look forward to expanding our products with natural & organic fabrics. As we grow, we find ways to emphasize our lifestyle of travels, freedom, and awareness through our clothing creation. During the production of our collections, we are usually on-site, taking an active part in the creative process. We know and appreciate every person involved throughout the whole path of our products.

Dive into a vibrant journey with us as we navigate the heart of Europe's psychedelic trance festivals. Our story is one of profound discovery, meaningful connections, and unbounded joy, celebrated amidst the rhythm and spirit of the festival culture.

On our extraordinary journey through the vibrant psychedelic trance festivals of Europe, we have found more than just music and dance; we have discovered a world where every beat is a heartbeat and every moment is an opportunity for connection.

At every festival we attend – be it Antaris, Flow, Free Earth, Freedom, Own Spirit, Ozora, Sun, Summer Never Ends, Transition, Vina Rock & Vina Tekk, ZNA Gathering or countless others – we’re not just attendees; we’re participants in a grand celebration of life and love! We are immensely grateful for the countless invaluable experiences these festivals offer us, enriching our lives and allowing us to flourish in many areas.

Our calendar is full of anticipation for the upcoming events, markets and festivals across Europe, each offering an opportunity to reconnect, share our vision and continue to nurture the bonds that unite us. Join us on this vibrant journey!

Market Stall

Discover our festival clothing shop, where mesmerising masterpieces come to life. From vibrant festival wear to everyday street style, our designs are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting elements of psychedelic art and alternative fashion.

Step inside our 24 to 30 square meters sanctuary, where every detail reflects our passion. Adorned with green fabric leaves, our shop, a sturdy tent made from metal poles, invites you to discover our ethically crafted designs. The soft, energy-efficient lighting in our market stall combines style with sustainability. Our two crazy mannequins Franz and Sissi take centre stage, showcasing our creations and embodying our commitment to timeless style. At the heart of our philosophy lies a deep respect for nature and a commitment to sustainable practices. We avoid plastic and instead opt for reusable methods such as scotch rolls to decorate our space, minimising waste and maximising beauty.

The ethically produced clothing collections for men and women offer a variety of garments including tops, shirts, vests, hoodies, skirts, dresses, pants and leggings. Many of our garments are embellished with unique printed artwork. Furthermore, some of these artworks are also available printed on canvas or as beautiful wooden artworks in our market booth.

In addition to the festivals, Avanyah’s art wear and festival fashion collections are also available online and in selected stores, such as Psy7 & Karma Syndikat in Berlin, the Aurin Shop in Vienna and more. Join us at Avanyah, where fashion is an adventure, craftsmanship meets consciousness, and every garment is an invitation to express your individuality while honouring the planet.

With Love

From Avanyah with love! We are driven by the belief that fashion is not just about aesthetics, but also about making a positive impact.

At the heart of our mission is a deep belief in fair pricing that ensures our collection remains accessible to all. To further extend our commitment to affordability, we offer our customers during the festival season a unique sales box packed with well preserved garments.

The proceeds from these initiatives are donated to selected social projects. So far, homeless people in Austria and the Vikas project have benefited so far. The Vikas project offers children and young people from the slums in Rajasthan, India, a primary school education and health support in emergency situations. We have witnessed the recovery of a seven-year-old boy’s eyesight and an eleven-year-old girl gaining the ability to count to ten.

Would you like to find out more about the Vikas Project?