∴ who Are we?

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After we collected a lot of valuable experiences with our shop at various electronic music and psychedelic trance festivals, we launched our own brand at the beginning of 2018. 
“AVANYAH”, an alternative, underground fashion brand with influences of psychedelic art & different cultures.
Avanyah was created in order to implement our custom designs in a thorough and responsible way, with the help of an incredible, like-minded production facility in Bali, Indonesia.
Our brand combines comfortable and thoughtful clothes with psychedelic art,  organic materials and practical features.

We value individuality, fairness, quality
and consciousness in all sorts of ways. 
Our ambition of the stall is to make
a real connection with the people.

To create joy for those that we meet,
through the purchase of our clothes,
a good conversation or simply a smile.
We believe in a close relationship with our customers and are excited to meet people from all over the world.
Many times we get to meet people we met at other festivals or on one of our travels.
These moments of love and connection are the biggest purpose in our path of creation.


∴  Streetwear  ∴  Psychedelic Art  ∴  Ethno Fashion  ∴

Our clothes are designed by the owner of Avanyah, as a direct response to our customers, which comprise of our festival family around the world, the community of travelers, adventurers and the free souls among us.
We seek to continuously create unique additions, focusing on features and small details, such as many pockets, key holders, big hoodies, specific cuts, sewing and decorating techniques.
In some of our clothes, we add geometric or psychedelic art prints, which are printed using the Screen Print technique. In our collection, we have Men and Women clothes, including jackets, vests, mini skirts, dresses, tops, shirts, pants and leggings.


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We exclusively use durable, long-lasting, pleasant to the touch fabrics, such as organic cotton, Bamboo, CVC and cotton fleece, viscose lycra and more. Most importantly, we use environmentally friendly materials whenever we can. We continue to explore new materials, as we look forward to expanding our production with natural & organic fabrics as much as we can.  As we grow, we find ways to emphasize our lifestyle of travels, freedom and awareness through our clothing creation. Our factory in Bali allows us access to quality materials and organic fabrics. In our factory, the work is done with trust and appreciation. The employees receive good treatment, competitive salaries and benefits. We know and value every person in the production of our clothing. During the production of our collections, we are usually on-site, taking an active part in the creative process.


∴  Avanyah & Vikas Project  ∴


We believe in fair pricing to keep the prices comfortable for all of our clientele.
In addition, to allow even lower price range,
we operate on festivals a second-hand and sale box, with clothes in good condition.

The profits of these boxes are invested in
support of social project in Austria for homeless people 
and the Vikas Project,
which runs a school and medical support for the children of the slams in India.

Further information about the VIKAS PROJECT you can find here…


∴ Avanyah on FESTIVAL Tour

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∴  Avanyah Clothing on Festivals 

Thanks to participation in various music festivals,
markets and cooperations in Europe,
we have been able to gain many valuable experiences that have allowed us to grow in many directions. Some of the festivals we have participated in the recent years are:
Antaris, Flow, Free Earth, Freedom, Own Spirit, Ozora, Psy Island, Spirit Base, Sun, Summer Never Ends, Transition, Vina Rock, and many more..

Follow our festival schedule here..

∴  Avanyah Clothing Shop 

We come from a place of caring and connecting to nature. Our 4×6 meter shop is decorated with green textile leaves hanging from the ceiling, giving the feeling that the shop is under a big tree. We use warm light to illuminate the shop, with bulbs that consume very little power. Two mannequins are representing our designs in or in front of our shop.
We do not use plastic at any stage of setting up our shop. We use a scotch roller to connect the decorations, something we can always use again without creating unnecessary waste. The shop itself is a professional tent, made of metal rods and we always make sure to reinforce it in the safest way to the ground.