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Men’s Alternative Streetwear

Attention, the alternative streetwear and festival fashion for men of Avanyah Clothing is finally available online as well! The Avanyah Shop has offered you a large, alternative clothing collection at events, markets and psychedelic trance festivals over the past years.

Avanyah Clothing was founded by party people, for party people to produce authentic and alternative men’s streetwear under fair conditions with a lot of commitment and love. We value fairness, quality, individuality and conciseness in many ways. We supply the party goers, festival goers, as well as fashion and art conscious people who share our vibe.


Fair & Slow Fashion

With the help of an incredible, like-minded production facility in Bali, Indonesia, we responsibly bring custom designs to life. In addition, we are constantly striving to improve the production and transport of our garments in a sustainable way.

The fashion brand combines comfortable and thoughtful garments with artwork, organic materials and practical features. Men’s alternative streetwear fashion of Avanyah Clothing offers a wide range of alternative  garment collection. Our male guests will discover various designs of vests, and hoodies, short pants, long trousers, tops, tank tops as well as t-shirts and button up shirts.


Art-wear for Men

Unique artworks enhance the cotton lining and the front or back of many of our garments through handcrafted screen prints. Take a look into our t-shirts & tops, as well as vests & hoodies to discover Avanyah’s art-wear.

Since 2020, Avanyah Clothing has collaborated with various artists around the world to bring unique and authentic artwork to life. The collaboration with a union of talented, imaginative people celebrates life, style and friendship.

We are very grateful to create something magical, wonderful and fashionable together with them. The creative minds include artists such as Mantis Vision Art, Januz Art, Sly Artwork, John Kill Ink, Kojo, Noc, PazPaz and many others.

By wearing Avanyah’s alternative streetwear, you support artists from all over the world to continue their art.


Get your unique & alternative Outfits

Immerse yourself in the world of Avanyah’s vibrant and alternative streetwear and festival fashion for men and get your stylish, unique outfit. Experience exclusive and alternative streetwear fashion and enjoy our special offers as you become part of our family.

Because we love it when you wear your favorite Avanyah design and spread your vibes!

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From time to time we will have raffles on where the person whose picture has rocked our world the most will win Avanyah’s Magic Box filled with lots of great surprises. Be ready and send us your great pictures now!