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The alternative streetwear collections of Avanyah Clothing for women are now finally available online as well! Casual, authentic and high quality fashion, designed and created with much dedication and love. The alternative streetwear designs of Avanyah Clothing are produced under fair circumstances and meet high quality standards. After several years of finding the Avanyah Clothing Shop at psytrance festivals, markets and events in europe, you are now able to purchase the first designs online and in selected clothing stores. The Avanyah Shop offered you in the past a wide-ranging choice of alternative streetwear and festival fashion and in addition we will present you permanently new designs in our online shop. You can get different styles of tops, shirts, dresses, leggings, as well as skirts, pullover, jackets, vests, short pants, baggy pants and more. We seek to continuously create unique additions, focusing on features and small details, such as many pockets, key holders, big hoodies, specific cuts, sewing and decorating techniques. Some of our clothes are decorated with geometric smbols and psychedelic art, which are printed using the screen print technique. We value fairness, quality, individuality and consciousness in all sorts of ways, as well as we are constantly trying to improve the production and the transportation of our garments sustainably.

Experience exclusive and attractive streetwear fashion for women and enjoy our special deals and other goodies. The delivery is free of shipping costs for an order above € 150.-!

Avanyah Clothing, your future online shop for alternative streetwear, festival fashion, yoga fashion and tribal clothes, for women.



Aurora Top

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Isa Shirt

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