Isa Corp Top


∴ strapless corp top

∴ straight across neckline

∴ high quality cotton-lycra fabric

∴ dull gold eyelet rings

∴ a fresh & feminine look

∴ to combine with the Isa Skirt

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The Isa Top for women is a strapless corp top, which is incredibly soft and comfortable on your skin.
This top has straight across neckline and ends on an asymmetrical hem, decorated with some dull gold eyelet rings for a wild but chic chic style.
This summery top is for women’s a very popular choice at the summer festivals and parties.
The Isa Corp Top is made of a high quality, lightweight cotton-lycra fabric.
This strapless design will make you feel fresh, feminine and sexy!
The Isa Top can be combined with the Isa Skirt as well, although it definitely stands out on its own.


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