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  • tan-thora-tank-top-for-men-brown-handmade-screen-print-alternative-streetwear-festival-fashion-avanyah-clothing
Tank Top

Tan Thora Tank Top Brown

Tan Thora Tank Top Brown

Artwork by: AvanyahName of the artwork: Tan Thora. It's an artistic fusion of mystical elements and geometry for the perfect amount of uniqueness and style.
Artwork by: Avanyah




Alternative streetwear

Tank top for men

Handmade screen print

100% cotton fabric

Artwork by Avanyah

Machine or hand wash – 30°


This tank top for men is a simple but individual design that offers optimal freshness and comfort, even if you’re partying on the dance floor on a hot summer day. The low-cut, open sides make the men’s sleeveless tee not only a classic choice for a party night, psytrance festival or beach party, but also perfect for casual everyday wear.

This alternative streetwear top is made from the finest and most comfortable organic cotton. In addition, the front of the top is decorated with an eye-catching geometric screen print. The Tan Thora Tank Top can be perfectly combined with one of our Inizio Pants.

Since this stylish tank top is very popular with our female customers, it can definitely be called a “unisex” product, just like the Tan Thora Vests. In this case, the tank top is suitable for wearing as a “mini dress” or for combining with one of our leggings.


100% cotton fabric

Machine or hand wash – 30°
Turn your clothes inside out when washing.
It prevents damage to the outside of your clothes and protects the decorative elements of your clothes, increases contact between the detergent and the inside of your garment, etc.

In general, please observe the following instructions when washing your apparels.
High temperatures destroy the fibers and can cause the color to fade more quickly.
There are many home remedies that can protect dark garments from fading or make them shine again.
Pay attention to the ingredients in your detergent or fabric softener and choose them wisely, or consider making your own environmentally friendly and cheaper detergent!

Visit the Avanyah’s size guide here. For additional sizes please send us an e-mail.



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