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Our production is located in Bali, Indonesia. In a quiet village, far from tourism, between rice fields and the beautiful ocean, most of the Avanyah collections are made with the help of an incredible, like-minded production facility. We are usually on site and actively participate in the creative process. It is important to us to pay attention to fair and balanced working conditions and to know every person involved in the entire journey of our products. Together, we are constantly striving to sustainably improve the production and transport of our garments. We respect their traditions, religion and holidays. Even if this means stopping the manufacture of our clothes for several days or weeks.


Our alternative streetwear collections are designed by us as a direct response to our customers, who are made up of our festival family around the world, the community of travellers, adventurers and the free souls among us. We always listen to our customers’ needs and are grateful for any innovative ideas and suggestions that support our work. We strive to always create unique additions, focusing on features and small details such as lots of pockets, key holders, large hoods, special cuts, sewing and embellishment techniques. Many of our designs are embellished with unique artwork, geometric symbols, abstract elements, sacred geometry and psychedelic art, applied by screen printing. In our alternative streetwear collections for men and women, we offer different styles of jackets, waistcoats, mini skirts, dresses, tops, shirts, shorts, trousers and leggings. 

The other part of our clothing collections is manufactured with the same demands and under the same conditions very close to our base, in Vienna, Austria.


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Since we started preparing to distribute our collections in the B2B market, we are very open to new partnerships and cooperation requests of various kinds! The Avanyah family is looking forward to making new acquaintances and collaborating with like-minded, as well as creative minds and visionaries and adventurous people. Collaborations are one of the cornerstones of Avanyah’s vision.


As a rule, we start every collaboration with a trial run. If all goes well and both parties are happy and satisfied with the results of the collaboration, we look forward to deepening the partnership and pushing the boundaries further. We try to cultivate long-term cooperation projects and relationships. Partnerships that help all parties grow in many ways.


Please contact us via the contact form below and send us as much information as possible about you, your company and your vision. This way we can provide you with all relevant information. Our offer will be tailored specifically to you, your art and your profession. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to expanding our community with you to create something wonderful and magical together!

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Contact or visit us and become part of our family around the world to spread good vibes and our visions together! Discover recent and upcoming events as well as news, and insights of Avanyah Clothing! Enjoy a short video from our recent production of our alternative streetwear and festival fashion collection!

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