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A couple of years back, at the Ozora Festival in Hungary, our mate Absi was taking a casual stroll when he stumbled upon a street artist sketching away on her canvas. He was blown away by her artwork and told her so, which made her grin from ear to ear. As a result, she gifted him the masterpiece on the spot!

As we started collaborating with artists from all over the world, we reached out to the “girl from the Ozora Festival” and asked if we could use her artwork on our clothes. Leslie, aka Sly Artwork, a painter, graphic designer, and festival decorator from France, was thrilled to work with us and started designing more graphics for our prints. Leslie has been drawing since she was a kid, coming from a family that was musically and artistically inclined.

She would attend parties and festivals in France, where she began designing her own jewelry line, and her art was inspired by the psychedelic world and trance culture. Her creativity and talent didn’t go unnoticed, and her small festival booth quickly became a crowd favorite. Along with her friend Mathieu, she created an art project called Sly Art Work, which showcased their combined talents in various forms of art, from graphic design to decorations and jewelry making.

Their work gained recognition, and they were invited to decorate stages and festival areas, such as the Halloween party at Stone Moon Party and the chill area at Hadra Festival in France.

At Avanyah, we value artists who use all their talents to create and express themselves. We are thrilled to collaborate with such inspiring and talented souls as Sly Art Work! We have already cooked up our first collab designs, featuring “Sly Headz,” “Cxema,” and “Flower Optics.” Check out our online shop to explore Avanyah’s alternative streetwear collection adorned with Sly Artwork’s creations!