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Hoodies & Vests

For an extra dose of coziness on chilly nights, slip into one of Avanyah’s alternative streetwear vests or hoodies for women of your choice! Most of our women’s vests and hoodies are typically adorned with unique artwork on the inside and outside by using the screen print technique.

Avanyah has aligned with numerous artists to bring their art to life on their alternative clothing collections. Some of these creative heads include Mantis Vision Art & Design, Januz Art, John Kill Ink, Sly Artwork, Noc, and more. In addition, by wearing this alternative menswear, you are supporting them to continue their art.

Furthermore, we always strive to create unique clothing by focusing on attributes, small details, sewing as well as embellishment methods. It is the perfect addition to your festival wardrobe, as well as a stylish choice for your next party outfit. Whether sleeveless or long sleeved, you will make a statement by wearing one of our alternative streetwear vests and hoodies for women.

Dive into Avanyah’s alternative streetwear collections to find a fitting set for your perfect outfit!

We look forward to you wearing Avanyah designs and spreading your vibrant vibes! Tag us #avanyah_clothing to light up our lives and you will rock our world 🙂

Experience exclusive and appealing streetwear fashion for women and enjoy our special offers and other goodies by joining our family. Check out the delivery terms and get your delivery free of shipping charges!

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