Inizio Hot Pants Charcoal Grey



Alternative streetwear hot pants

Refined with a secret pocket

Key-holder & Zipper

100% cotton fabric

Machine or hand wash – 30°


These comfy hot pants are made from a slightly elastic as well as lightweight cotton fabric and even have a key holder adorning a front pocket. These hot shorts have two side pockets on the front and two back pockets, both decorated with stitching. The other front pocket can be closed with a high-quality zipper. Last but not least, as with each of our bottoms, there is a secret pocket.


In addition, the Inizio hot pants are the perfect solution for hot days when you want to keep your legs fresh and free. They are the perfect choice for a dance on the dance floor or a hot day at the office. In all these pockets that make up this distinctive design, you can store all your things, no matter what you are doing.


Although most women’s shorts are designed without pockets or with fewer pockets, these hot trousers are unconventional. We believe that women deserve to have pockets and hidden pockets in their outfits just as much as men do, so we pay attention to that in the design as well. You can be sure that you’ll have enough room for all your stuff in these short pants for women.


With their thoughtful, comfortable cut, the Inizio hot pants are the best addition to your wardrobe. Whether you are going to a house party, attending an outdoor celebration or partying at a summer festival, these women’s shorts are the best choice. If you wish to coordinate your outfit with your partner, there are some alternative clothing items that are great for a partnered look.

100% cotton

30° – machine or hand wash

Turn your clothes inside out before washing.
This will preserve the outside and decorative elements of your garment from the mechanical impact of washing.
It prevents damage to the outside of your clothes and protects the decorative elements of your clothes, increases contact between the detergent and the inside of your garment, etc.
When washing your garments, please generally follow the instructions below. High temperatures destroy the fibers and can cause the color to fade more quickly.
There are many home remedies that can prevent dark garments from fading or make them glow again.
Pay attention to the ingredients in your detergent or fabric softener and choose wisely, or consider making your own environmentally friendly and cheaper detergent!
The most gentle way to dry clothes is in the fresh air and in a shady place.

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