Inter Dim Being Tank Top Brown

Artwork by: Mantis Vision Art & DesignName of the artwork: Inter Dimensional Being
Artwork by: Mantis Vision Art & Design



Alternative streetwear fashion

Brown tank top for women

High-quality screen print

Artwork by Mantis Vision Art

Combine with pants & leggings

100% finest cotton from Bali

Machine wash – 30°”


We open a portal into another dimension and introduce you to the new apparel of our art-wear collection for women. The Inter Dimensional Being tank top is perfect for anyone who wants to express their love of art in a unique and fashionable way. The highlight of this brown screen printed tank top for women is the unique artwork that adorns the front of the alternative garment.

In addition, the vibrant and eye-catching art print is a distinctive creation by the artist Mantis Vision Art & Design. In addition, made from high quality cotton fabric from Bali, the women’s tank top has a flattering and comfortable fit that flatters any body shape as well as can easily be worn under a hoodie or jumper.

The slightly stretchy and lightweight material ensures a perfect fit and high wearing comfort, so it can be worn all day long. The double seams on the sleeves, round neckline and bottom hem as well as the high-quality fabric make this brown screen printed tank top for women robust and durable.

Furthermore, our clothing brand aims to encourage women to express their individuality and stay true to themselves. This tank top is the perfect embodiment of this philosophy and we are sure it will become a favorite piece in your wardrobe. Add it to your cart now and make a fashion statement!

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100% cotton fabric | machine or hand wash – 30°

It’s always a good idea to turn your garment inside out before washing to protect the outside and decorative elements of your garment from the mechanical action of washing. This will also improve the contact between the detergent and the inside of your garment. It’s important to observe the care instructions on the item and to avoid high temperatures, which can damage the fibers and cause the color to fade more quickly. Using appropriate detergents and fabric softeners and avoiding harsh chemicals can also help to protect your garments and keep them looking good for longer. And lastly, the gentlest way to dry clothes is in the fresh air and in a shady place, away from direct sunlight. Hand washing is a gentle and safe way to clean delicate fabrics such as cashmere, wool, silk, as well as everyday fabrics like cotton and linen. If you don’t have access to a washing machine or want to take extra care of your clothes, hand washing is a good choice. Washing machines usually have a delicate wash cycle or a hand wash cycle, but if your machine has both, the hand wash cycle is probably the gentlest and most gentle method. With extremely low agitation, low spin speed and cool to cold water, this cycle provides the same level of care as washing by hand in the bathtub or sink. Items labeled as hand washed can usually be cleaned with the one of these wash cycles.

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