Mycelium Tank Top Green

Artwork by: Januz ArtName of Artwork: Mycelium
Artwork by: Januz Art



Alternative clothing & art-wear

Handmade high-quality screen print

Pair them with our leggings & pants

Artwork by Januz Art

100% Balinese cotton fabric

Machine or hand wash – 30°


This green tank top for women is a screen printed, double stitched women’s top that is part of the art wear collection by Avanyah Clothing and Januz Art. A detailed artwork by Januz Art is reflected in the handmade art print on the alternative women’s clothing called Mycelium. Since 2021, we have teamed up to bring unique art to life in our upcoming clothing collections.

In addition, the unique green tank top for women has a comfortable cut and fashionable fit that fits well under a jumper or waistcoat. Whether you like eye-catching clothing or minimalist outfits, the Mycelium tank with its art print could be the right answer. Like all our printed t-shirts and tank tops, this women’s tank top is made from 100% finest Balinese cotton. This makes Avanyah’s alternative clothing stand out from the crowd when it comes to wearing comfort.

Whether at psychedelic trance festivals, in the club or on the street, this artwear piece is the ultimate addition to your wardrobe. Plus, the green Mycelium tank top pairs perfectly with our alternative streetwear trousers and hoodies, as well as partnering with the black Mycelium t-shirt for men.

And with this screen printed tank top, you’ll be supporting artists from all over the world and their way of creating. Get this green women’s tank in your collection and dive into the world of Avanyah’s alternative fashion and art-wear. Also check out our shipping terms for free worldwide delivery! Refine yourself, wear us!

100% cotton fabric | machine or hand wash – 30°

When washing garments, it’s important to turn them inside out or use a mesh bag to protect the outside and decorative elements from damage. Hand washing is the best option for delicate fabrics like cashmere, wool, and silk, as well as for everyday fabrics like cotton and linen. Avoid high temperatures as they can damage fibers and cause color fading. Choose your detergent and fabric softener carefully, or consider making your own eco-friendly alternatives. Washing machines usually have a delicate wash cycle or a hand wash cycle, but if your machine has both, the hand wash cycle is probably the gentlest and most gentle method. With extremely low agitation, low spin speed and cool to cold water, this cycle provides the same level of care as washing by hand in the bathtub or sink. Items labeled as hand washed can usually be cleaned with the one of these wash cycles. 

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