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Finally the time has come again! this year the avanyah shop starts the festival tour as usual at the Transition Festival in Spain! Visit us.....


Step into Eggendorf’s enchanting natural venue where immersive art installations blend seamlessly with the landscape, reflecting a strong commitment to sustainability and community involvement.

This summer, the picturesque Austrian hamlet of Eggendorf will once again be transformed into the epicenter of the electronic music universe for the Flow Experience Festival. From July 7 to July 10, this festival will offer a vibrant celebration of electronic music set against Austria’s breathtaking natural beauty, promising an unforgettable experience for new and returning attendees alike.

As anticipation builds, the Flow Experience Festival is thrilled to announce a stellar lineup of psychedelic trance artists ready to captivate the audience with their pulsating rhythms and hypnotic beats. This year’s festival will feature renowned artists such as Astrix, Liquid Soul, and Ace Ventura, whose performances are eagerly awaited by fans of the genre. Additionally, Captain Hook, Ranji, Shpongle, Phaxe, Morten Granau, Ajja, and Fabio Fusco will take the stage, each bringing their unique musical styles to create a diverse auditory landscape. Prepare to be mesmerized by their electrifying sets that promise to keep the energy high and the crowds dancing until the early hours.

As the dates for the Flow Experience Festival approach, the excitement is palpable. We look forward to not only witnessing the fantastic performances and engaging with the art installations but also meeting you at our fashion market stall. Don’t miss the chance to experience the unique atmosphere and community spirit of this psychedelic trance festival.

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This year's festival at Eggendorf isn't just about the music and art; it's also a showcase for sustainable and eye-catching fashion. Visitors can expect a tantalizing array of alternative and artistic attire, perfectly aligning with the festival's commitment to sustainability.

The Flow Experience Festival 2022 is set to enhance its musical offerings with an array of immersive artistic installations. These installations, ranging from interactive light shows to large-scale sculptures, are strategically placed throughout the festival grounds, transforming the space into an artistic wonderland. Expect to see state-of-the-art stage designs incorporating advanced lighting and LED screens that produce psychedelic visuals synchronized with the beats, making each performance a multisensory experience.

This year, the festival market area is expanding to include an even wider variety of vendors selling unique art wear, jewelry, psychedelic clothing, and alternative fashion. As a proud stall owner at the festival, we invite you to explore our latest collection of festival fashion, which reflects the vibrant spirit and energy of Flow Experience. Our stall will feature exclusive designs perfect for the festival atmosphere, including handcrafted accessories and clothing that stand out for their creativity and originality. Prepare to immerse yourself in a shopping experience where each item tells a story of artistic craftsmanship and style.


At the heart of this psychedelic trance festival lies a profound commitment to sustainability, with vendors and fashion brands showcasing how community and environmental consciousness are shaping the future of festival attire.

True to its spirit, this psychedelic trance festival continues to emphasize sustainability and environmental responsibility. This year, we are enhancing our green initiatives, including waste reduction strategies and the use of renewable energy sources. Moreover, the festival will host workshops and activities aimed at promoting wellness, environmental education, and community engagement. These workshops include yoga, meditation, and discussions on sustainable practices, providing festival-goers with opportunities to engage in meaningful experiences beyond the music.

Eggendorf is not just a location but a crucial part of the Flow Experience Festival’s charm. Its natural beauty provides a perfect backdrop for this gathering of music and art lovers. With improved accessibility and ample accommodations, Eggendorf is ready to welcome both local and international visitors. Whether you choose to camp in the specially prepared sites or opt for local accommodations, your stay in Eggendorf will be as comfortable as it is memorable.

We invite you to visit us in our festival shop at the upcoming festival to exploring the unique, artistic wearables  and striking festival fashion.

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Explore Austria's premier music festival, the F.L.O.W. Festival and discover Avanyah's sophisticated festival fashion for a new era!

At Avanyah Clothing, we are passionate about creating immersive experiences that go beyond the ordinary. This is vividly showcased in our engaging campaigns like ‘SNAP IT, TAG IT, SHARE IT’, where participation could whisk you away on an exciting adventure with the chance to win Avanyah’s Magic Box. These campaigns are designed not just to amplify your festival fun but also to forge deeper connections within the Avanyah family.

Our excitement is palpable as we eagerly anticipate the return to festival grounds. We invite you to join us, visit our market stall, and dive into the festival spirit as you dress up with Avanyah. This ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the festival’s vibrant atmosphere from the moment you arrive, outfitted in attire that not only enhances your experience but also expresses your individual style. Let’s make unforgettable memories together, celebrating creativity, community, and style.

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Avanyah presents an extraordinary new collection of alternative streetwear for men and women at the Eggendorf Festival, emphasizing the dynamic atmosphere and artistic spirit of the festival community.

Tickets are available online through the official Flow Experience website. We recommend purchasing early to benefit from special discounts and ensure your spot at one of the summer’s most anticipated events.

At Avanyah’s stall, you will discover a diverse collection of alternative apparel, festival clothing and art to wear that includes uniquely designed outfits suitable for both men and women. Our range extends from comfortable yet stylish tops and shirts to hoodies and trousers to complete your festival look.

Absolutely! Avanyah’s online shop is stocked with our latest festival fashion collections. We encourage you to purchase before the festival to ensure you have your favorite designs ready for the event. Visit our website to view the full collection and order directly.

Yes, re-entry the psytrance festival is permitted for all attendees. However, please ensure to keep your wristband on at all times as it is required for re-entry.

Most of the merchants on site accept cash and credit cards at their market stalls. There are also ATMs on the festival site.

Yes, the Flow Experience Festival provides a dedicated lost and found facility where attendees can report lost items or inquire about any belongings they may have found. Festival staff are available to assist with any lost or misplaced items throughout the event.

You can apply to be a volunteer via their official website. Volunteers typically help set up, run and dismantle the festival and in return receive free entry, meals and and drinks as well as on some festivals an exclusive volunteer t-shirt.


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Embracing Transformation with our sunshine Efi Love Light: The Heart of Avanyah Clothing's Journey in Alternative Fashion!

Welcome to an extraordinary narrative that weaves together the themes of resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of movement and connection, all through the lens of Avanyah Clothing, a beacon of alternative fashion. At the forefront of this story is Efi Love Light, an individual whose journey personifies the healing, inspiration, and boundless potential inherent in the human spirit. Known for her radiant charisma and unforgettable smile, Efi has become a familiar face on the festival market street, embodying the soul of Avanyah with every step. Her dedication extends beyond mere appearance; she actively supports the brand’s vision across logistics, sales, and presentation of our market stall at markets, events and psychedelic trance festivals.