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Transition Festival


Dear party people!

The Avanyah Clothing ShopTransition Festival 2019. After a one-year break, we are pleased to be able to participate at the Transition Festival in Spain again. Its time to see old friends again, enjoying a cold beer with taps in the beautiful nature of Almonte.

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In the meantime, immerse yourself in alternative streetwear for men and women of Avanyah Clothing!

We love dancing and parting dancing, we love the nature and the universe. We love the freedom to be who you are, to make your own choices, to be where you want to be. Without apology and judgement. Meeting people from all over the world and seeing how much we are alike and how connected we are, that’s Avanyah’s love! In this sense see you soon in the Avanyah Shop @ Transition Festival 2019!

Mycelium T-Shirt Black

32,00 €

Arabesque Button Shirt Black

45,00 €

Isa Top Black

20,00 €

T. Traveller Tank Top Black

32,00 €