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Impressions of the summer tour with Avanyah's Festival Shop..


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psytrance festival season 2019

In recent years, thanks to our participation in various music festivals, markets and collaborations in Europe, we have gained valuable experience that has allowed us to grow in many directions.
Some of these festivals we have participated in are.
Antaris, Flow, Free Earth, Freedom, Own Spirit, Ozora, Psy Island, Spirit Base, Sun, Summer Never Ends, Transition, Vina Rock, and many more.

Being amazed by the decorations, connecting with and respecting nature, enjoying the music and above all meeting people from all over the world, in real life. Experiences and insights from a summer festival tour across Europe.


with a lot of love

magical creations

Visual art

From natural decorations and wooden art to psychedelic art and colourful shapes and figures. All made with love. This summer we have once again been inspired by creativity to bring such brilliant decorations to life, and so many of them have been made with Mother Nature’s bounty or from recycled materials.

One of the most influential things about festivals, in our opinion, are the decorations throughout the festival grounds and especially on the stages. Attentive, thoughtful and innovative decorations create the overall experience of a magical space that expresses freedom, imagination and endless possibilities.

This is what makes a festival so unique and special. We were lucky enough to meet incredibly talented and warm deco crews, as well as artists who created a magical world with great attention to detail and emotion.

This summer, we were inspired by the creativity that brought brilliant decorations to life. Many of them were made with the gifts of nature or from recycled materials. It should be an example for everyone to respect nature and learn how to work with it at every festival. The limit is only in our head 😉


music connects

respecting nature

avanyah clothing

psychedelic trance

festivals culture

This season we were once again on the road with our collection at some festivals all over Europe. The Avanyah Clothing Shop visited psytrance festivals and other music events with eco-toilets, eco-water systems and bins placed everywhere. It was so refreshing. Everything was kept clean. Mother Nature was honored and respected. For us, the first reason to attend a festival is to feel nature, to connect with it and respect it. To take a break, switch off the outside world and dance to good music in the open air and a great environment.

To sleep outside in the fresh air with the smell of fresh grass, flowers or trees. Hearing the sound of the wind in the leaves, the sound of freedom, nature and happiness. Waking up to the sun shining warmly in the backstage area of the Avanyah Clothing Shop. Watching the moon and stars at night as well as enjoying incredible sunrises and sunsets.

We experienced great moments and witnessed people running after a plastic bag that the wind had blown away. Or how people collected other people’s rubbish for hours in the blazing sun. Every moment like that warmed our hearts, because more and more people are becoming aware that no one but us is responsible for changing their behavior. We are the ones who will make the difference.

Unfortunately, we have also been to festivals where nature was not respected. The rubbish was everywhere and the nature was destroyed. The things we saw hurt our hearts and strengthened us in our mission to prevent such things in the future. In tears and with trembling hands, we recorded a video to capture these terrible and sad moments and to inspire others. To make those who care take responsibility together. So that this can never happen again.


What does it mean to take responsibility?

It means:


1. before we leave for a festival, we take a few rubbish bags, ashtrays and a glass from home. This way we are responsible for our own rubbish.


2. if we see someone throwing away their rubbish at a festival, we remind them kindly and with a smile that no one will pick up their rubbish. That it is really important that he picks it up and throws it in the bins, which is usually not far away.


3. when we see rubbish on the ground, we pick it up and dispose of it in the nearest bin. Then we wash our hands with organic soap.


4. when we talk to people at the festival we ask them to be attentive and behave.


5. before we leave the festival, we make sure that our place is clean and we also look out for rubbish that our neighbours might have left behind.


Pretty simple, isn’t it? 🙂
We are all one and together we can be so much better. Let’s show Mother Earth that we deserve her!

good music

We enjoy & value good music

Psytrance festivals in Europe

Avanyah Clothing & People

During the summer festival season, we were privileged to enjoy a variety of special performances. A number of very talented artists visited our shop so we could meet them in person. Some we felt connected to on a spiritual level, we are happy to support on their creative and ongoing journey in the music world, especially in the trance scene. We appreciate and love listening and dancing to all kinds of music.

During this season, we had the great fortune to meet Kojo Style, Mantis Mash and Master Minded, three artists from Israel, in our shop. Three great characters with a big soul and their hearts in the right place. The personal connection was instant and exciting.

As a result, we decided to end our summer season by participating in the first Desert Base Festival in Israel, organised by them together with an amazing crew called “Fusion Culture“. We will be arriving early to help with the preparations for the festival. We are looking forward to enjoying the special Israeli party vibes, which is known for its special energy and great atmosphere on the dance floor.


Meeting International People

wonderful connections

avanyah shop as meeting point

This summer season we attended and participated in festivals in Spain, Portugal, Germany, Hungary, Greece and Austria. At these festivals we met people from all over the world. Every single one of them touched our heart and we appreciated meeting them.

For us, the most important reason to tour Europe with our shop during the summer festivals is to meet all these open-minded, inspiring and wonderful people. Visitors to the festivals or teams working there. We remember every moment, every conversation and every smile.

We would love to meet you all on our next tour! Like our page and follow our journey, or check our upcoming tour schedule here in our online shop. Maybe next summer will be our summer together!

We end this summer with lots of love, lots of experiences and lessons. Now we are focusing on our new collection to bring new designs to our online shop and to you!

But that’s a topic for another blog 🙂 Sign up to read more!


We wish you a beautiful, refreshing and powerful winter!

Your Avanyah Team





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Embracing Transformation with our sunshine Efi Love Light: The Heart of Avanyah Clothing's Journey in Alternative Fashion!

Welcome to an extraordinary narrative that weaves together the themes of resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of movement and connection, all through the lens of Avanyah Clothing, a beacon of alternative fashion. At the forefront of this story is Efi Love Light, an individual whose journey personifies the healing, inspiration, and boundless potential inherent in the human spirit. Known for her radiant charisma and unforgettable smile, Efi has become a familiar face on the festival market street, embodying the soul of Avanyah with every step. Her dedication extends beyond mere appearance; she actively supports the brand’s vision across logistics, sales, and presentation of our market stall at markets, events and psychedelic trance festivals.