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Natan Lenski, well known as an extraordinary musician, a gifted visual artist & creatvie mastermind. When Natan is not creating incredible sounds in his studio, or touring around the world,..

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Natan Lenski, well known as an extraordinary musician, a gifted visual artist & creatvie mastermind. When Natan is ...

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When Natan Lenski is not creating incredible sounds in his studio, or touring around the world, he express his exceptional creativity in a different way to the world, “Mantis Vision Art & Design”. His arts are in great demand among music labels, festival organizers and fashion labels.

He studied graphic design in high school and got his first degree in ‘Visual Communication Design’. In his early stages as an artist, he was working in a few design studios in Israel to express his art, he did a few video clips for a singer and he was working in the TV industry to develop animations for news channels and some commercials. After he was tired of “mainstream” work, he focused on his creative work and made it a priority for him to express his own art and decided to leave everything behind to travel around the world! Along with the development of his musical career, he continued touring, while taking creative projects that he is connected to, such as music album covers for music producers and labels, clothing bands, posters, logos, and other projects.

Mantis Vision Art & Design” is another way for Natan to express his exceptional creativity to the world with his unique artworks. When he is not creating incredible sounds, or touring around the world playing them, he is usually doing some visual projects, as well as while he is traveling and experience the wonders of this planet.

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Mantis Vision Art

Avanyah Clothing

Natan, also known as Mantis Vision Art & Design, is an incredibly creative artist who expresses himself in a unique way to the world. When he’s not creating amazing sounds in his studio or touring the globe, he’s working on different visual projects like music album covers, clothing bands, posters, logos, and more. Natan studied graphic design in high school and got his first degree in Visual Communication Design. He worked in a few design studios in Israel, created video clips for a singer, and developed animations for news channels and commercials in the TV industry. But after getting tired of mainstream work, he decided to prioritize his creative projects and travel around the world.


Mantis Vision Art & Design is another way for Natan to showcase his extraordinary creativity through his unique artwork. He creates amazing prints and patterns and designs a wonderful line of printed clothing for Avanyah. The joint project of Mantis Vision Art and Avanyah Clothing started after we met at S.U.N. Festival 2019 in our store when we got into a brief conversation about his art and his work. Even then we had a desire to work with this really cool guy talented artist. Natan was asked to play at the after-party, where its refreshing sound woke us all up and touched our hearts and souls. Afterwards we spent a lot of time together in Israel at Desert Base Festival as well as in Goa during the winter season 2019-20.


This was when the joint project between Mantis Vision Art and Avanyah Clothing finally began. Mantis Vision Art designs distinctive graphics and patterns for Avanyah, which are screen printed onto Avanyah’s designs. We are so excited to have the opportunity to work with him. Check out the great combinations of Manti’s artistic visions and Avanyah’s clothes. Explore the first designs “Mantis Eyes”, “Inter Dimensional Being” and “AndroiDreamz” in our online store!


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Mantis Mash

Natan Lenski & his history

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In the early 2000s, a new project called “Mantis Mash” was born. Blending and Mashing together all the soundscapes that inspire his life, from Psy-Dubby Chill to Psy-Glitchy beats, all covered with a layer of spinning fractals. Mantis Mash’s sound is mainly described as ‘Psy-Bass’ and he released his music through ‘Merkaba Music’, ‘Shanti Planti’ and ‘Adapted Records’.


In addition, Natan Lenski can look back on numerous collaborations with artists such as Symbolico, Tribone, Master Minded, Gumi, and many more. These artworks have been released on different record labels, like ‘Sofa Beats’, ‘Hadra Records’, ‘Swamp Music’, ‘Aquatic Collective’ and others. In 2013 Natan has been touring with the legendary space rock band “Ozric Tentacles” as their support act around the world for three years. He was also involved in the rather cooler electronic side project of the Ozrics “Nodens Ictus”. The rock band “Ozric Tentacles” was and still is a big influence of his music.


MantisMash project’s main intention is to lift your soul, take you on a journey through multidimensional audio landscapes to make your body move and wobble like a fractal tree. He seduces us into a realm of lush and dreamy psychedelia, and with its 2019 release “Inspectral”, MantisMash takes a new layer in international psy bass history. This album draws from classic dub influences thrown through a hyper-modern lens and is an invitation to explore the uplifting musical universe that lies within us all. This guy gives us a tantalizing insight into what happens when dream and reality collide.
Mantis Mash has been performing and providing powerful vibrations at various events and festivals, such as Boomtown Fair, Lost Theory, Psy-Fi, Hadra, Ozora, Dessert Base, Infrasound and many more.


We had the pleasure to interview Natan aka Mantis Mash aka Mantis Vision Art & Design and to take a look behind the scenes together with this exceptional talent. Read the artist interview here.