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Natan Lenski, well known as an extraordinary musician, a gifted visual artist & creatvie mastermind. When Natan is not creating incredible sounds in his studio...

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The collaboration between Mantis Vision and Avanyah: a fusion of artistic innovation and fashion design. This article takes us on a journey through their creative synergy and explores the merging of visionary art and alternative clothing.

Natan Lenski, the visionary behind Mantis Vision Art & Design, is a multidisciplinary artist renowned for his innovative approach to art and music. With a deep-rooted passion for psychedelic and visionary art, Lenski’s creations resonate with vibrant energy and spiritual depth. His journey as an artist is marked by a relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

His journey as an artist is marked by a relentless pursuit of pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

Natan, who began his career with a background in visual communication design, has seamlessly shifted his talents from mainstream media to more personal, passionate projects. This shift is clearly evident in his partnership with our alternative fashion brand, where his designs transform everyday garments into wearable works of art.

Lenski’s artistic philosophy is deeply influenced by the psychedelic movement and visionary experiences. Through intricate patterns, vivid colors, and surreal imagery, he aims to transport viewers into alternate dimensions of consciousness. His works often explore themes of spirituality, interconnectedness, and the human psyche, inviting contemplation and introspection.

This article explores the captivating collaboration between Mantis Vision Art & Design and Avanyah Clothing, delving into their fusion of visionary art and alternative fashion.

When Natan Lenski is not creating incredible sounds in his studio, or touring around the world, he express his exceptional creativity in a different way to the world, “Mantis Vision Art & Design”. His arts are in great demand among music labels, festival organizers and fashion labels.

He studied graphic design in high school and got his first degree in ‘Visual Communication Design’. In his early stages as an artist, he was working in a few design studios in Israel to express his art, he did a few video clips for a singer and he was working in the TV industry to develop animations for news channels and some commercials. After he was tired of “mainstream” work, he focused on his creative work and made it a priority for him to express his own art and decided to leave everything behind to travel around the world! Along with the development of his musical career, he continued touring, while taking creative projects that he is connected to, such as music album covers for music producers and labels, clothing bands, posters, logos, and other projects.


Experience the essence of Avanyah: where fashion meets art and sustainability. Celebrating the Liberating Power of Psychedelic Artwear.

Avanyah Clothing emerges as a trailblazer in the realm of alternative fashion, driven by a vision to redefine self-expression through clothing. Founded on principles of sustainability and individuality, Avanyah’s creations embody a fusion of streetwear aesthetics and artistic expression. With a commitment to ethical production practices, the alternative fashion brand resonates with a global community of fashion-forward individuals.

At the core of Avanyah’s design philosophy lies a dedication to authenticity and creativity. Each garment is a canvas for self-expression, reflecting diverse influences ranging from urban culture to avant-garde art. Through innovative design techniques and attention to detail, Avanyah garments transcend mere clothing, becoming wearable works of art that empower individuals to express their unique identities. 

As you immerse yourself in the world of Mantis Vision Art & Design and Avanyah Clothing, we invite you to explore the collaborative collection available in our online shop. Discover garments that transcend the ordinary, inviting you to embrace your unique identity and express yourself boldly through wearable art.

Design &

These collections are proof of the synergistic potential of combining art and fashion in a way that challenges the norm!

The collaboration between Mantis Vision Art and Avanyah Clothing took root during a serendipitous meeting at the S.U.N. Festival 2019. A brief conversation about Natan’s artistic endeavors quickly evolved into a dynamic partnership. Natan’s performance at the festival’s after-party left an indelible mark on the Avanyah team, prompting an exploration of potential joint ventures. This encounter sparked a series of collaborations that spanned several festivals and seasons and culminated in the rich, lasting creative synergy that is the artistic alliance today.

Mantis Vision Art & Design brings a unique aesthetic to the fashion world, marked by visionary and psychedelic art influences. Natan designs distinctive graphics and patterns that are meticulously screen printed onto Avanyah’s fashion pieces. This process not only enhances the visual appeal of the garments but also embeds them with a deeper artistic narrative. The debut collections, including “Mantis Eyes,” “Inter Dimensional Being,” “Exoskeleton Hoodie,” and “AndroiDreamz,” showcase a blend of organic and futuristic themes as well as intricate artistry, making each piece a statement in sustainable production and design philosophy.

Furthermore, the  journey of Mantis Vision and Avanyah does not stop with current successes. The creative partnership promises more innovative designs and limited edition releases, such as the “Blistorted” t-shirt, which doubles as the album cover for MantisMash’s “Blistorted” EP. Upcoming designs like “Impulse,” “Bloom,” “Shaman,” and “Icarus” are already stirring excitement among festival fashion and art enthusiasts. These pieces not only represent the fusion of Natan’s visionary art with Avanyah’s clothing-forward approach but also embody a movement towards more conscious and artistically enriched fashion choices.

Our collaboration stands as a testament to the power of artistic fusion and innovation in the fashion industry. By integrating psychedelic art with contemporary fashion, Natan and we are setting new standards for what it means to wear art.

As we continue to explore new territories in both design and artistic expression, followers and newcomers alike are invited to join in witnessing the evolution of this exciting venture. Stay up to date on their social channels and be the first to experience the next wave of visionary art and fashion in our online shop!


These collections are proof of the synergistic potential of combining art and fashion in a way that challenges the norm!

In the early 2000s, a new project called “Mantis Mash” was born. Blending and Mashing together all the soundscapes that inspire his life, from Psy-Dubby Chill to Psy-Glitchy beats, all covered with a layer of spinning fractals. Mantis Mash’s sound is mainly described as ‘Psy-Bass’ and he released his music through ‘Merkaba Music’, ‘Shanti Planti’ and ‘Adapted Records’.

In addition, Natan Lenski can look back on numerous collaborations with artists such as Symbolico, Tribone, Master Minded, Gumi, and many more. These artworks have been released on different record labels, like ‘Sofa Beats’, ‘Hadra Records’, ‘Swamp Music’, ‘Aquatic Collective’ and others.

In 2013 Natan has been touring with the legendary space rock band “Ozric Tentacles” as their support act around the world for three years. He was also involved in the rather cooler electronic side project of the Ozrics “Nodens Ictus”. The rock band “Ozric Tentacles” was and still is a big influence of his music.

MantisMash project’s main intention is to lift your soul, take you on a journey through multidimensional audio landscapes to make your body move and wobble like a fractal tree. He seduces us into a realm of lush and dreamy psychedelia, and with its 2019 release “Inspectral”,

MantisMash takes a new layer in international psy bass history. This album draws from classic dub influences thrown through a hyper-modern lens and is an invitation to explore the uplifting musical universe that lies within us all. This guy gives us a tantalizing insight into what happens when dream and reality collide.

Mantis Mash has been performing and providing powerful vibrations at various events and festivals, such as Boomtown Fair, Lost Theory, Psy-Fi, Hadra, Ozora, Dessert Base, Infrasound and many more.

We had the pleasure to interview Natan aka Mantis Mash aka Mantis Vision Art & Design and to take a look behind the scenes together with this exceptional talent. Read the artist interview here.

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As the boundaries between art and fashion become increasingly blurred, collaborations such as Mantis Vision and Avanyah are paving the way for new creative possibilities.

Yes, each piece in the collaborative collection is produced in limited quantities to maintain exclusivity and uniqueness.

Mantis Vision Art designs distinctive graphics and patterns, which are then screen printed onto Avanyah’s clothing. These designs often feature psychedelic and visionary art influences, turning ordinary garments into unique pieces of wearable art.

While some select retailers may carry a curated selection of Avanyah garments, the full collaborative collection is available exclusively through the Avanyah online shop.

For more information about Natan Lenski aka Mantis Vision Art & Design, visit. To learn about Avanyah Clothing and its founders, visit.

Yes, some of the highlighted pieces include designs like “Mantis Eyes,” “Inter Dimensional Being,” “Exoskeleton Hoodie,” and “AndroiDreamz.”

These items are available our online store and during our summer tour at selected psychedelic trance festivals, for example at the Ozora Festival in Hungary.

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