Januz Art

Product Artist

Januz Art

Meet Arjan Vergeer, a Rotterdam-based artist who goes by the name of Januz Art. He’s all about alternative fashion and psychedelic wear, and he’s been making waves in the art world since graduating from De Willem De Kooning Academy in 2001. You name it, he’s done it – from designing t-shirts and tattoo art to creating stunning wall murals and illustrations.

Januz Art is heavily inspired by Japanese manga and pop culture, as well as the colorful ornamentation of Dutch street-organs. His style is versatile, but he always includes his signature psychedelic patterns and bright colors. He’s also a huge fan of the underground party scene, and his love for electronic music shines through in his work.

Although he’s had to work a day job at a clothing store to pay the bills, Januz Art has never lost his passion for creating. In fact, he’s even found a new love for digital painting, which allows him to create wherever he is.

And now, you can wear his art! Januz Art has teamed up with Avanyah Clothing to create a line of art wear that’s out of this world. Check out the Gateway and Mycelium designs, available for purchase in our online clothing store.