Who is Sly artwork?

Leslie started drawing at a very young age. Her family is very musical and creative, so art and music were a big part of her childhood.

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The Artistic Fusion of Sly Artwork and Avanyah Clothing: A Symphony of Alternative Fashion and Creativity!

Leslie’s journey into the art world began in her musically and creatively rich family environment in France. Immersed in the pulsating energies of psytrance festivals and outdoor parties, Leslie not only soaked in the psychedelic ambiance but also birthed her own creative expression through a jewelry line. This venture quickly expanded as her festival booth, adorned with her unique decorations and artistic flair, caught the eye of many. Her creative partnership with Mathieu led to the formation of the Sly Art Work project, which soon became a nexus of their collective artistry, featuring everything from intricate jewellery to immersive graphic designs.

The Sly Art Work project’s collaboration with Avanyah Clothing marked a significant milestone in the realm of alternative fashion. Avanyah, known for its commitment to sustainability and creative expression, found a perfect match in Sly Art Work’s vibrant and culturally rich designs. The first fruits of this partnership were unique garments such as “Sly Headz”, “Cxema”, and “Flower Optics”. These pieces not only showcased Sly Art Work’s distinctive graphic talent but also Avanyah’s innovative sewing techniques, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetic sensibilities.


Avanyah Clothing: Redefining Alternative Fashion!

The collaboration was sparked by a shared passion for art’s transformative power, first recognized at the Ozora Festival. This meeting of minds highlighted a mutual commitment to redefining streetwear through a lens of artistic collaboration. The synergy between Sly Art Work and Avanyah transcended typical fashion norms, infusing streetwear with a fresh, artistic spirit that resonated deeply within the festival fashion scene. Their combined efforts have crafted garments that are not just clothes but narratives woven with threads of artistic innovation.

The partnership between Sly Art Work and Avanyah Clothing is more than a mere collaboration; it’s a movement towards making fashion a wearable form of art that speaks volumes of cultural richness and individuality. Each piece in their collection tells a story, inviting fashion enthusiasts to experience the blend of artistic expression and streetwear innovation firsthand. As they continue to push the boundaries of what fashion can represent, their work remains a testament to the power of creative collaboration in crafting not just apparel, but a legacy of artistry and cultural dialogue.

Looking to the future, Sly Art Work and Avanyah want to explore even more creative avenues and potentially inspire other artists and designers to explore the fertile intersection of art and clothing.

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A Serendipitous Encounter at Ozora Festival And A Gift That Sparked a Future!

Our story with Leslie, a tale rich with serendipity and creative synergy, began under the vibrant skies of the Ozora Festival in Hungary—a hub for artists, musicians, and cultural enthusiasts from around the world.

A few years ago, amidst the eclectic atmosphere of the Ozora Festival, Absi, a friend and collaborator, was wandering through the festival grounds. His path led him to a street artist, immersed in her craft, her focus poured into a striking sketch that was taking shape on her canvas. Intrigued by her concentration and the emerging art, Absi paused to observe. Captivated by the skill and soul poured into the drawing, he couldn’t help but praise the artist for her incredible work.

In response to Absi’s compliment, the artist, with a broad grin and a spark of spontaneity, offered her sketch to him as a gift. This gesture of goodwill was not just the exchange of art; it was the beginning of a connection that would extend far beyond that moment. Absi accepted the sketch, a tangible memory of the festival’s spirit and creativity. Little did anyone know, this interaction would lay the groundwork for a future collaboration.

As the years rolled on, our brand was born and began to flourish. Amidst our growth, we reached a point where integrating unique, artistic expressions into our designs became a priority. Remembering the gifted artist from Ozora, Absi miraculously retrieved her email address, which he had kept safe on a tiny piece of paper tucked away in a drawer for years. Considering Absi’s usual disorganization, finding the artist’s contact was nothing short of miraculous.


A Serendipitous Encounter at Ozora Festival And A Gift That Sparked a Future!

With a mixture of nostalgia and excitement, we reached out to “the girl from the Ozora Festival,” hoping to not only reconnect but also to explore the possibility of integrating her art into our clothing line. To our delight, Leslie, who had since evolved into a painter, graphic designer, and festival decorator based in France, was thrilled at the prospect of collaborating. Her enthusiastic response led to her working with us on designing more graphics for our prints, enriching our clothing collections with her vibrant and spirited designs.

The partnership with Leslie not only enriched our product offerings but also reaffirmed our belief in the magic of festivals like Ozora as melting pots of talent and creativity. Leslie’s journey from a street artist to a key collaborator reflects the unpredictable yet rewarding paths that open up when creativity, appreciation, and opportunity collide.

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The partnership has produced several standout collections, each characterized by unique themes and artistic depth. These collections are a testament to the synergistic potential of combining art with fashion in ways that challenge the norm!

Visit Avanyah’s online shop to browse and purchase from their exclusive collection featuring Sly Artwork’s designs.

You can find the exclusive collections on Avanyah’s online shop, available for purchase worldwide.

Yes, Avanyah is committed to sustainability, using ethically sourced materials and environmentally conscious production methods.

New collections are usually released annually before the fewstival season in summer, although special editions and collaboration projects may be released at different times of the year.

Currently, Sly Artwork’s collaboration pieces with Avanyah are primarily available in our online shop, though they may be featured in select pop-up events and festival booths. Check the Avanyah website for the latest updates.

We are centrally located within the festival’s marketplace—just look for our distinctive, colorful setup bustling with excited customers and a display of our latest trends.