Cxema T-Shirt Charcoal

Artwork by: Sly ArtworkName of the artwork: Cxema
Artwork by: Sly Artwork



Alternative streetwear collection

Screen printed t-shirt for men

Art print crafted by hand

Artwork by Sly Artwork

Fits perfectly with Keola Pants

100% finest cotton fabric

Machine wash – 30°


Avanyah’s Cxema t-shirt for men is adorned with a handmade geometric art print on the front as well as on the back. The design of this screen print is a unique artwork by ‘Sly Artwork‘. With double stitching on the sleeves, crew neck as well as bottom hem, this printed men’s t-shirt in charcoal is part of our new alternative art wear collection.

Whether you like eye-catching stylish shirts or you prefer minimalistic clothing, this printed men’s t-tshirt will be the answer for you. The cotton fabric has a casual and classic fitting that you can comfortably wear under a sweater or vest. Moreover, the trendy and alternative clothing for men is comfortable to wear, looks great and is the perfect addition to your closet.

Since 2021, Sly Artwork and Avanyah Clothing have teamed up to bring unique art to life. By wearing Avanyah’s alternative streetwear, you are supporting artists from all over the world to continue their art.

Whether at rave parties, psychedelic trance festivals or on the street, this printed men’s t-shirt in charcoal with its geometric artwork is guaranteed to get you noticed. Besides, the alternative Cxema t-shirt for men can be perfectly combined with our vests and pants.

Get your hands on this one-of-a-kind men’s t-shirt and immerse yourself in the world of alternative fashion and art wear by Avanyah Clothing!

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100% cotton fabric | Machine or hand wash – 30°

Welcome to our online fashion shop where art and style come together! Our collection includes stunning art-wear pieces that showcase incredibly great works of art. We know that these exceptional designs deserve special care to maintain their beauty and longevity.

When it comes to cleaning garments printed with exceptional artwork, we recommend that you follow these guidelines:

Gentle hand wash: to preserve the vibrancy and intricate detail of the artwork, we advise a gentle hand wash. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and add a mild detergent specially formulated for delicate fabrics. Gently swirl the garment in the soapy water, being careful not to rub or scrub too hard.

Avoid soaking: It is important that you do not soak garments for a prolonged period of time as this can cause the colours to bleed or fade. Instead, soak the garment in the soapy water for a short time and make sure all areas are thoroughly cleaned.

Rinse carefully: After washing, rinse the garment with clean water until all traces of detergent are removed. Be careful when rinsing so as not to stretch or damage the fabric.

Drying methods: To preserve the integrity of the artwork, we recommend air drying the art garment. Lay the garment flat on a clean towel or drying rack, making sure it retains its original shape. Avoid hanging the garment as this may cause stretching or distortion.

Precautions when ironing: If you need to iron the garment, we recommend that you iron it inside out or use an ironing cloth to protect the artwork. Set the iron to a low temperature and glide gently over the fabric, avoiding direct contact with the printed surface.

Professional cleaning: For complicated or delicate garments, we recommend contacting a professional dry cleaner who is experienced in handling printed garments. They have the expertise to ensure proper cleaning without damaging the artwork.

If you take care of your artwork, it will retain its shine for years to come. Please note that specific care instructions may vary depending on the fabric and printing technique. Additional instructions can always be found on the garment’s care label.

At our fashion shop, we believe that art is meant to be worn and appreciated. We have strived to put together a collection that celebrates the fusion of fashion and art. By following these care recommendations, you can enjoy your artwork while preserving its incredible designs.

Treat yourself to the beauty of art and fashion with our exquisite collection. Shop now and experience the joy of wearing incredibly great artwork!

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