Mapoelo Top White



Sleeveless streetwear tee for men

Alternative tank top

Cotton cvc double net

Pocket with seams in pintuck style

Nicely to pair with our pants

Machine or hand wash – 30°


Avanyah Clothing’s Mapoelo Top has sleeveless shoulders as well as a slightly fitted cut that extends to the front pocket. The sleeveless streetwear tee for men is made of lightweight cvc cotton double net and impresses with its clean design. The eye catching inverted pintuck style seam on the front pocket and the extended collar adds the right touch of style and class to this men’s tank top.

In addition, this men’s alternative tank top offers plenty of arm room for maximum comfort and is a great choice for summer evenings, parties or summer festivals. Make space in your wardrobe for your next favorite alternative top and enjoy the upcoming summer with this sleeveless streetwear tee for men. The light-weight as well as comfy Mapoelo Top combines well with Avanyah’s alternative trousers.

Furthermore, we also offer this men’s alternative tank top design in dark grey here in our online shop. Get your complete Get your Avanyah outfit and check our delivery conditions to enjoy free domestic and worldwide shipping!

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Cvc cotton double net – 70% cotton 30% poly.

Machine or hand wash – 30°
Turn your garment inside out before washing.
This will protect the outside and decorative elements of your garment from the mechanical action of washing.
It also improves the contact between the detergent and the inside of your garment.

Please generally observe the following instructions when washing your garments.
High temperatures destroy the fibers and can cause the color to fade more quickly.
There are many home remedies that can protect dark garments from fading or make them shine again.
Pay attention to the ingredients in your detergent or fabric softener and choose them wisely, or consider making your own environmentally friendly and cheaper detergent!
The gentlest way to dry clothes is in the fresh air and in a shady place.