Zola Thora Hoodie Red

Artwork by: AvanyahThe Torah design was created by Avanyah and can be seen on the clothing designs "Zola Torah" for women and "Tan Torah" for men.
Artwork by: Avanyah



Alternative women’s hoodie

Handmade silk screen print

Expanded sleeves & large hood

Decorative upside down stitching

Cvc cotton fleece fabric

Artwork by Avanyah

Machine wash – turned – 30°


The Zola Thora hoodie of our alternative streetwear collection will be the best addition to your wardrobe! This vibrant sweater dress, with long and expanded sleeves and a large hoodie, will give you the most comfortable experience. The urban streetwear hoodie for women as a sweater dress has a comfortable length and two side pockets with press stud fastening.

In addition, the Cvc cotton fleece fabric ensure maximum comfort and durability over time, while providing great warmth. The reverse seams additionally add a decorative touch to the hood and sleeves. A handmade silk screen printed pattern enhances the whole inner cotton lining of  the women’s hooded sweater, while a unique artwork embellishes the back. This art print combines geometric shapes and mystical elements.

The urban streetwear hoodie for women is the perfect choice for you wherever you go, especially at a summer festival or going out in the chilly evenings.  Zola means earth, Thora means thunder. You will certainly shake the ground around you while wearing this printed women’s hoodie of our streetwear collection.

Are you looking for something to pair with the Zola Thora hoodie? Discover additionally the women’s apparel in our alternative streetwear collection. Complete your Avanyah outfit, you can never go wrong in a hoodie that matches your soul!

We offer the silk screen printed Zola Thora hoodies for women also in different colors on various psytrance festivals, markets and online.

Cvc cotton fleece, 60% cotton, 40% pes. | machine or hand wash – 30°

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