AboutJanuz Art

Arjan's journey into the art world is marked by a bold use of colors and a distinctive approach that seeks to transcend traditional visual interpretations.

by Januz Art


Januz Art, a name synonymous with expressive and boundary-pushing art, has long been a figure of intrigue in the art community.

Arjan Vergeer aka Januz Art is an artist from his hometown Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Most of his friends and family call him Januz, which is how the name “Januz Art” came about. From an early age, Arjan has always loved to draw, which naturally led to his desire to learn to paint professionally.

He started with traditional painting with acrylic and oil colours and graduated from the art school De Willem De Kooning Academy in 2001. Since then he has worked with many clients, mainly doing t-shirt designs, illustrations, murals, party decorations, tattoo designs, landscapes, character designs, album covers, posters and much more. His style is versatile, but always contains recognisable “Januz Art elements” such as ornaments, bright colours and psychedelic patterns. His art is also very detailed and unique.

In 2001, he won two design competitions that took him twice to the land of the rising sun, Japan. He travelled with a delegation to celebrate 400 years of trade relations between Japan and the Netherlands. Japan felt like home and he is keen to return there one day. Since then, Arjan has been heavily inspired by Japanese manga and pop culture, robots and mech art.


The hallmark of Januz's work lies in its dynamic color schemes and intricate patterns, capturing the essence of motion and emotion.

In the last ten years, in addition to his creative travels, he has also worked in a shop to pay his bills. Arjan began to draw less and less and even reached a point where he no longer enjoyed drawing at all. Until one day he decided to draw for ten minutes a day. Fortunately, he rediscovered the joy of drawing.

Furthermore, his art really took off again when he started to paint digitally. As a father of two beautiful daughters and with a busy business schedule, it was a real challenge for him to create more space for his paintings. With digital painting technology, he could literally start painting immediately, no matter where he was, without having to create space and get all the art materials ready. His years of experience in painting with colour also stood him in good stead for digital painting. He then decided to present his artwork on social media. Soon a new routine of making beautiful things emerged and design requests naturally followed.



The design process was a melding of minds, with Januz Art’s vibrant artistry woven into Avanyah’s fabric of creativity.

The collaboration between Januz Art and Avanyah was born from a mutual admiration for each other’s work and a shared vision for innovative fashion. This partnership has set new benchmarks in how art can seamlessly integrate into everyday fashion. The design process was a melding of minds, with Januz Art’s vibrant artistry woven into Avanyah’s fabric of creativity. Each piece of clothing is not just apparel; it’s a piece of wearable art that tells its own unique story, inviting the wearer to express their individuality.

In the multifaceted world of clothing and art, there are few collaborations as profound and dynamic as the one between Januz Art and Avanyah. This alliance combines stunning artistic expressions with innovative fashion styles to create a range of garments that are not only visually captivating but also rich in cultural flavour.

Since the beginning of 2021, he has been working with Avanyah on digital designs for screen-printed garments. Here you can see a selection of the first garments from the collaboration between Januz Art and Avanyah Clothing: Gateway, Oracle and Mycelium, which are already available in our online shop.

Januz Art and Avanyah Clothing have many more surprises up their sleeves! You can already be the first to get your hands on the Psyfi & Seeds printed button shirts from our upcoming clothing collection.


From festival-ready attire to casual streetwear, Avanyah offers a diverse range of products that stand out for their craftsmanship and artistic flair.

Born out of a desire to combine comfort with unique artistic elements, Avanyah has established itself in the world of alternative festival fashion. The clothing brand is committed to producing ethical and ecological garments that appeal to those who value sustainability as much as style.

From festival-ready attire to casual streetwear, Avanyah offers a diverse range of products that stand out for their craftsmanship and artistic flair. Each item showcases the brand’s commitment to quality and individuality, infused with the spirited artistry of Januz Art.

As trends evolve, the influence of artists like Januz on fashion continues to expand, pushing the boundaries of what is possible. This partnership has sparked a growing interest in artistic collaborations within the fashion industry, suggesting a bright future for similar ventures. Looking ahead, the success of this partnership may pave the way for further collaborations between artists and fashion brands, blending two worlds into a seamless expression of culture and identity.

Dive into the world of Januz Art and Avanyah by visiting their online shop. Discover the exclusive clothing collections where each piece tells a story, and perhaps, find something that speaks to your personal style.


The partnership has produced several standout collections, each characterized by unique themes and artistic depth. These collections are a testament to the synergistic potential of combining art with fashion in ways that challenge the norm!

You can find the exclusive collections on Avanyah’s website, available for purchase worldwide.

Yes, Avanyah is committed to sustainability, using ethically sourced materials and environmentally conscious production methods.

New collections are usually released annually before the fewstival season in summer, although special editions and collaboration projects may be released at different times of the year.

es, Avanyah offers a return and exchange policy. Details are available on their website, outlining the process for returns and exchanges.

We are centrally located within the festival’s marketplace—just look for our distinctive, colorful setup bustling with excited customers and a display of our latest trends.