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About the artist

When Natan Lenski isn’t cooking up dope sounds in his studio or jet-setting around the globe, he’s expressing his creative genius in another way through Mantis Vision Art & Design. His art is in high demand among music labels, festival organizers, and fashion companies.

He studied graphic design in high school and earned a degree in “Visual Communication Design”. Initially, Natan worked in a few design studios in Israel, creating videos for singers and developing animations for news channels and commercials. But he eventually grew tired of the mainstream work and decided to focus solely on expressing his own unique art, even leaving everything behind to travel the world. As his music career took off, he continued to tour while taking on creative projects such as designing album covers, logos, posters, and clothing.

Mantis Vision Art & Design is Natan’s way of showcasing his exceptional creativity through unique and breathtaking artworks. When he’s not making mind-blowing music or performing around the world, he’s working on visual projects and experiencing all the wonders this planet has to offer.

The art collaboration

Our first encounter with Natan was at S.U.N. Festival 2019, where he was asked to perform at the after-party. After hearing Mantis Mash’s live set and then spending more time with Natan in Israel and Goa, we eventually started a joint project between Mantis Vision Art and Avanyah Clothing. Natan designs original graphics and patterns that are screen printed onto Avanyah’s designs, creating unique garments.

We got to know and appreciate Natan and his art and were instantly taken by his talent and cool personality. Natan’s unique designs and graphics are screen printed onto Avanyah’s garments, creating a wonderful marriage of art and fashion. Mantis Vision Art designs beautiful art prints and patterns for Avanyah Clothing, creating a stunning line of printed clothing.

The art wear

We are delighted to be working with Natan and invite you to admire his amazing work in our online shop. Check out the incredible work of Mantis Vision Art & Avanyah Clothing. Our first wearable art designs, Mantis Eyes, Inter Dimensional Being and AndroiDreamz, are now available in our online shop.